Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Glow in the dark

So we all got the part where neon is hot. And that it hurts your eyes (sorry). During my stay in Cannes two weeks ago, I spotted the most gorgeous girl with the most perfect neon maxi skirt. So when I came back in Belgium and saw this skirt just hanging there at H&M, I immediately took it with me to the fitting room. I was already convinced that I love maxi skirts....on other people. Just not me. Result? Me twirling around that fitting room for ages with that skirt, but I'm SO glad I decided to just go ahead and take it! I'm really into not thinking too much (or should I say: doubting too much) and just go for things these days, so it seems. And that same day already I took my skirt out for a spin. I was having some drinks with friends at Genk city. Sure got a lot of looks! Probably because I was blinding people, the glow in the dark bit is not a joke, folks! This skirt makes me feel graceful and sophisticated even, I don't know if it actually looks that way too but ah well...who cares.

This is also the outfit I wore to attend the Pukkelpop Boiler Party. Just a matter of kicking off a festival in style. And with a hangover the day after. I know that Karolien already emphasized it enough, but Pukkelpop has been truly awesome, sigh.

If any of you have any complaints about hurting eyes or even nausia because of the brightness of my skirt, please leave a comment below and I'll blow a kiss to make things right.

Top: New Look - Skirt, shoes: H&M - Cupcake ring: gift - Feather ring: Six - Bracelet: my mom's

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