Saturday, September 1, 2012

We like: Bazaar Bizar Deluxe

Noticed the banner above? Well than, scroll up and click the damn thing! It will bring you to an awesome event, called Bazaar Bizar Deluxe.

One of our best friends (Eline Rodiers, already seen HERE) once had an idea, together with her friend, to start a vintage market where people could sell their clothes they didn't want anymore, secondhand shoes, vintage finds and other little treasures. All of those editions have been a giant success so they decided to spice things up a bit. And that's how the idea of Bazaar Bizar Deluxe was born. It's called "Deluxe" because of the unique location, the musical performances, special drinks and above all: only HANDMADE stuff. No secondhand stuff this time, no Etsy bricolage, only unique and handmade products.

Together with Sundays are Fundays, she created an event which will definitely be another big success. Even if you don't like handmade, it will be a blast! You can dance to the blues set of Tim Pan Alley or shake your ass on the funky tunes of DJ Duvel! Empty stomachs will be filled with de-li-cious (and also handmade) hamburgers of Asado Amigos. I'm not even a giant burger fan, but my mouth is watering while just talking about it.

So if you have nothing to do on Sunday september 23, get your ass over there to take a peek! I promise you it will be worth it. Karolien and myself will also be there to work but also to spot some well-dressed visitors. So if you want to be featured on this blog, put on your Sunday clothes and come pay us a visit! I'm not blackmailing at all.

By the way, Karolien's sister with her buttons will also be selling her goodies on Bazaar Bizar Deluxe!

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