Monday, September 10, 2012

TITI + THE GERMAN KID: The day destroys the night

The name "Kristien Follon" perhaps doesn't immediately ring a bell (make sure you remember it now). But when I tell you that she is actually TITI + THE GERMAN KID, you should all be "aaaaaah"-ing in front of your computer.

T + TGK is an emerging Belgian fashion label and last friday she bombed us with her F/W collection called "The day destroys the night". She invited us all to the Muziekodroom in Hasselt to take a peek at the new collection and to watch her short film she made to tell an even better story.

Everything's better at night, including your ideas. Why? Because everyone's asleep, so they're actually yours.

TITI usually works at night, so she decided to use this as inspiration for her new collection.  T + TGK stands for bright colors and happy prints. She replaced the bright colors for darker shades, but kept the happy prints (check out the big bear sweater!).

Because she could't tell the story behind this collection in just pictures, she also made a short film together with Cristophe Johanns. "Sex, rock 'n roll...en een koppeltje dat tv aan't kijken is.",  is how she announced her film. It made everyone laugh, and that's what I like about T + TGK: humor!  My favorite piece is the green fur jacket. It's actually waaaay beyond my budget (recently-graduated-still-looking-for-a-job-person) but it's absolutely worth it. At least I'll be in style while living in the gutter.

Make sure you visit TITI's website to view the whole collection online.

Model: Laura Theys

Kristien Follon aka TITI

Model, muse and photographer: Tatiana Thielens

SPOTTED: other curious bloggers whom we already follow but have never met in the flesh. Kim (Absolutely Mrs. K) and Elspeth (Oh my Jenkins)! 


  1. hhahhaa zalige foto's! love the grungy effect, past echt wel bij ttgk!

  2. mooie foto's, fab style! dat lederen hemdjurkje <3


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