Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: The Rock Show

It dawned on me while browsing through websites, blogs and fashion magazines. This autumn and winter, it's all about biker boots, urban style, studs, leather, denim, attitude, grunge, soft goth (not like those high school kids from back in the day of course, that is SO passé), rebellious... I don't know what that tells you, but for me it just screams "ROCK STAR!". The perfect opportunity to get your rock groove on! I decided to wear said style to celebrate the end of August (and pretty much summer), so I threw on some of the items already hanging in my closet (including a pants that is easily seven years old:  it was my first skinny pants, I remember feeling all insecure about it) and really go for the rock star look. I absolutely love that look and lately I'm even more inclined to it. Maybe because in my mind, I kick people's asses all the time and what's better than a though girl look to do that? Luckily (or sadly, because that would most certainly lead to some interesting scenes), I refrain myself from doing those things and just stick with shooting laser beams out of my eyes or imagining people's heads blowing up.

Well, I'd say enough with the anger management therapy class and psycho babbling. A few posts ago I talked about having too much leopard in my closet. I regret to announce that since then I bought at least two more leopard items which I'm both wearing here. The blouse was love/buy at first sight. I saw it, and before I knew it I was at the cash register. More doubt was casted on buying the jacket: I tried it on, said goodbye to it, looked longingly at it at the website, tried it on again and eventually bought it. Maybe it's just that kind of love that needs to grow to flourish, because boy, am I in love now! 

Hat, jacket, blouse, sunglasses, pants (old): H&M - Boots: Buffalo (Leuven) - Purse: my grandmother's 

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