Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bazaar Bizar Deluxe

Ok, before I start writing: the date of the previous post just changed. Well, who cares you say? The title is 'What We Wear WEDNESDAY' and stupid blogger says it's posted on a Thursday. Liar.

But let's cut to the chase. Our surf trip has been AMAZING! Thanks again to everyone to make this trip unforgettable. And a special thank you to Sofie for being such a perfect chauffeur (we'll forget our little rollercoaster ride). I really miss the sound of the rumbling waves and the beautiful, hot sun. And still I'm not cutting to the chase.

The day after our return (actually a few hours later), it was time for Bazaar Bizar Deluxe! A vintage, handmade market located in an old farmhouse, co-organised by Sundays are Fundays. The concept 'Bazaar Bizar' was already well-known in the area. My friend Eline has been organising it, together with another friend, for two years now and every time there were more and more visitors. When we and two other friends (Ralf and Stijn) started Sundays are Fundays (a concept where we try to avoid lazy, wasted Sundays and get people out of their houses) we needed a kickoff event, and what better than Bazaar Bizar? Together we agreed to spice things up a little, make it an even more unique concept by only allowing crafters who sell pure handmade things. No etsy-bricolage that is. We arranged some music to wrap around the market and our friends from Asado Amigos made sure nobody was hungry by providing us with homemade hamburgers. Okay, they were sold out very rapidly so maybe some stomachs were left unfilled. I blame Darwin.

 It has been a great success. The weather was fine (chilly compared to Labenne, but still) and dry, drinks were chilled and people were enjoying themselves. For me it has been the perfect Sunday after our holiday.

And we spotted some leopard boots. A day is always better when you can wear or at least spot some leopard stuff. We all agree on that, don't we? Even my mom was wearing a leopard scarf, hooray for that! And of course you have seen Karolien's outfit of that day and thus her leopard clutch. 

Here are some pictures to get you in the mood:

My folks!
Leopard boots

Koek en Keek

Karolien's sister!

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