Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Job Interview

As I mentioned before, I'm recently graduated and looking for a job. During summer I had my summer job, vacations, festivals and the boyfriend on my mind, but ever since I got back from our surf trip and the boyfriend's back in Ghent, the job hunt is open.

I've been sending out my resume, motivation letter and portfolio to numerous interesting companies and I've been applying to several intriguing job vacancies. The VDAB website has been my best friend the last two weeks. 

And my efforts paid off. I have two job interviews planned for this week! Of course it's important that you make a good first impression. So first of all: dress to impress. I want to show you three outfits that I would wear to a job interview. Please do give me your opinion! I actually wanted to share even more outfits, but I ended up making the same combinations with different pieces of clothing. I found out I don't have that much interview-proof clothes!

Outfit number one: Coco Chanel

Parka: Zara - Shirt, jeans: H&M - Shoes: Vans, Bag: thrifted - Earrings: Hema

 I'm not actually wearing Chanel, but this image of Audrey Tautou in "Coco avant Chanel" inspired me. I love the French look with the navy stripes. It's classy, yet not boring. Yesterday I was searching some online shops for a highwaisted jeans, and today I went and got it at H&M. It's a perfect fit and a slight miracle. Usually I get really annoyed when trying on jeans in the fitting room. I end up miserable and feeling like an obese midget. My brain tends to overreact. Today I took three sizes with me in the fitting room and I had to go back to take an even smaller size. I was so taken aback! Clearly in a good way. These jeans fit me like a glove and it makes me want to erase everything I said about my ZARA jeans. I found my new love: highwaisted jeans. A total recommendation for everyone who has jeans issues!

Outfit number two: Variation

Blazer, jeans: H&M - Blouse: Mango - Shoes: Carrefour (true story) - Bag: Forever 21

 This is actually a variation of outfit number one. These jeans just work so well with everything and they seem like the perfect pair of interview jeans. I brought in some more color by wearing my neon striped Mango blouse. I could've easily combined my Vans with this outfit, but I wanted something different. I bought these cute ballerina's last year at Carrefour for five euros. Score!

Outfit number three: Saint-Tropez vs job interview

Blazer, shoes: H&M - Dress (+ belt): Mango - Bag: thrifted - Earrings: made by Eline

This dress always makes me dream about strolling through the Saint-Tropez harbor, with a big hat and oversized sunglasses. But throw in some tights and a blazer and you can perfectly go to a job interview. Right? I wore this outfit for my internship interview at Boondoggle last year. And well, they hired me.


I would totally wear these outfits on normal days too, not only for job interviews! They are outfits that I find job interview worthy. I actually already made up my mind and I'll be wearing outfit number one. But please do tell me your favorite! Or if you have any tips, remarks or funny experiences in the field: you know where to find the comment box.

PS: I'm sorry for the indoor photos, but it was pouring outside.


  1. supermooi tasje bij die eerste outfit!

    1. Bedankt! Kringloopwinkels kunnen van tijd tot tijd aangenaam verrassen ;)

  2. Ik zeg kleedje!


Thank you!


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