Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Fallen Leaves

Whereas last time I was lost somewhere in the twilight zone between frolicking in my summer skin (yes, Death Cab for Cutie is indeed a great band) and preparing for the leaves falling down, this time I'm proud to announce that I too have entered fall. Bravo! You can all start dressing more fall/winter appropriate, I can handle it now. My skin is also saying goodbye to summer: my tan is fading and fading and my skin is literally coming off.

The outfit du jour is something I wore on a tremendously rainy day and will probably be my go-to outfit for all the rainy days yet to come. Biker boots, parka and beanie for the win! I picked up the boots at Primark, because I wanted to have cheap pair of shoes to go to parties or outside while the elements of nature are showing their forces without worrying about ruining my shoes. Since I kind of wrecked my other new shoes at the Heideroosjes concert, it really seemed like a smart move (plus, an extra pair of shoes). Luckily, the wrecked shoes are only a little bit damaged, they are still pretty (or so I keep telling myself). I'll show them off quite soon, I'm sure!

Come to think of it, the outfit may be a bad karma outfit. The day I wore it, I didn't have the best of all days AND I dropped my cell phone in the toilet. No sweat, I'm not one of the hipster kind so it was just an ordinary cell phone and not a gazzillion euros worth kind of thing. The worst part about the whole toilet thing is that I practically dove in to save my cell phone, which was all for nothing because it's dead as a doornail. 

PS: Totally referenced another song, besides the Death Cab for Cutie song. In the title: Fallen Leaves by Billy Talent

Boots, bag, blouse: Primark - Beanie, scarf, necklace, parka, Aztec leggings: H&M
(wow, I'm only wearing stuff from Primark & H&M)

 Hihi, I look like a gnome.  

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