Monday, October 22, 2012


Labellov - Timeless vintage & luxury secondhand items. 

Sounds promising, doesn't it? So you can imagine I was in seventh heaven when I won the Belmodo Contest and received a double ticket for the opening of the event on Thursday. I was planning on going anyway on Saturday, but nothing beats an opening, right? 

I must say I was a bit naive when I thought I could take home a vintage Chanel bag. Usually when I go to secondhand stores or markets, prices are really low. But of course, when we're talking "timeless" and "luxury" vintage, that ain't the case. So everything I saw was way out of my budget, unfortunately. My friend Sofie and I even worked out an arrangement to buy the cheapest Chanel bag, and use it every other week (or on special occasions), but even that was out of reach. But if I was a working girl, I would definitely save up for something because deep down in my heart I know it's worth it. Melodramatic much?

Except for all the chunky (and sometimes kitsch...but timeless, luxury vintage kitsch) jewelry, there were also CLASSIC CARS. I'm not a car freak at all, but those old-timers got my heart racing. They really don't make cars like that anymore (Karolien and I always say that about boys: They don't make 'em like that anymore! followed by a big sigh), and it's a shame! I like the car I'm driving (a PINK Ford Fiesta), but it doesn't have the same spirit as those beauties I've seen there. And they were kind of affordable, I mean: 21000 euros is not that much more than what you pay for a Mini Cooper for instance. 

I really enjoyed watching people as well. And we met Nathalie from Curls and Bags, who also took our picture to feature on her blog. Don't mind my stupid face, people don't ask me everyday to take my picture. Which reminds me: I have been photographed in Barcelona for some streetstyle blog, two years ago. Totally forgot about it! I never tried to find it, maybe I should search for it now.

OH! We also got our picture taken at the Belmodo corner, so instead of buying expensive bags, we can WIN LE MADAME, by Delvaux! So please vote for us HERE. Thanks! 

One more thing: Sofie and I totally disagreed on the fact that you still have to spend so much on a vintage item. Sofie said that if you had the money, you'd just buy a totally new item instead of a vintage, already worn piece. But I said that the vintage aspect gave it even more value, because it's more rare and it caries the 'soul' of the previous owner. (That's Halloween talking.) So I'm curious: would you guys rather pay up for some vintage items, or just go to the store and buy a totally new piece?


  1. Ben het er niet helemaal mee eens... Normaal is iets wat vintage is ook gewoon niet meer nieuw te verkrijgen, en heb je dus geen keuze als je dat item echt graag wilt... Maar ik zou persoonlijk wel wat moeite hebben met zoveel geld neer te tellen voor iets dat er gebruikt uit ziet... Maar je hebt natuurlijk van die dingen waar je 'instant in love' mee bent, dus dan zou ik het wel snappen dat je veel over hebt voor iets vintage.

    1. Ik vind vintage ook sowieso een meerwaarde hebben! En bij vele van die dingen daar zag je niet eens gebruikssporen, so no excuses left :D

  2. Just for the record, i wasn't talking about me! i love vintage! Ik zou de eerste zijn die er net wel geld aan zou geven ;) xx

    1. Ah haha, oops :D Dat had ik dan verkeerd begrepen. Should have known though...


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