Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Black, Burgundy, Gold

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A really casual outfit today. I'm sitting at home these days, in front of my computer, looking for a job, designing for a graphic test, and other stuff, and editing pictures. (I'm also browsing Pinterest, numerous online shops and fashion blogs, just so you know.) In fact, I don't have to leave the house. Except when I go for a run, but I'm gonna spare you that outfit. So there's no need to really dress up and I'm also not in the mood to show a more festive or 'original' outfit.

Oh yes, my mood. It's not that great these days. Looking for a job is a fulltime job on its own. And today I feel a bit demotivated. I mentioned before that two weeks ago I had two job interviews planned. After my first interview I was mad at myself, because I knew I could have done better, but for some reason my nerves totally took over that day. That translated into flushing scarlet (thanks, fifty shades) and stammering and well basically unable to act normal. I did a major facepalm when I left that building. But OK, we had to do a graphic test (feedback will yet follow) so nothing is lost. Yet. My other interview on the other hand went excellent. Or at least I thought. I was really confident, talkative - but not too much -, and looking that guy straight in the eye. But I didn't get a callback for a second interview. So I picked up the telephone myself yesterday, only to be told I didn't make it to the second round. That really slapped me in the face because I really really thought that interview went really good. Yes, I did want to use 'really' that much in just one sentence.

But let's talk outfit. It's my highwaisted jeans again! I have a tendency to wear / eat / like / drink / hate / ... things for a certain period of time and then suddenly grow completely tired of it (or write love poems about it when I originally hated it). My top's from Pimkie and I really like the simplicity. The mini-studs make it a little less 'boring', they do tend to fall off. The cardigan is from H&M, it's perfect for these windy fall days and to curl up in on the couch. Or to sit in front of your computer while biting your fingernails. My boots are from Steve Madden and totally worth the amount noted on the price tag (they weren't THAT expensive, but more expensive than what I'm used to). Last year, I bought similar boots at H&M because I really wanted lace up biker boots. But I wasn't satisfied, they felt so cheap and plastic. So I ended up selling them a couple of weeks later at Eline's Bazaar Bizar, for only half the amount I had paid for it. So, I made a decision to invest more in more expensive pieces rather than just buy the cheaper H&M version. I don't say H&M doesn't sell quality stuff, I LOVE shopping there and I will never stop doing that I guess. But I want to combine my high street shopping with shopping some labels. Steve Madden has been my first. You know.

Talking labels, I do have some GOOD news too: I won a double ticket for the LABELLOV event this Thursday, thanks to a contest on BELMODO.TV. Unique vintage clothes, jewelry and accessories from even more unique designers? YES PLEASE! I really do hope to take home a vintage Chanel bag. So you can expect a post on that too in one of the following days. (So, I've been checking the website in the meantime, and I think I'm gonna go home crying! But I'll make a post of it anyhow so you can all participate in my grief.)

Actually, how do YOU guys feel about high street shopping versus label browsing? Also tired of plastic looking alternatives and studs that fall off, but don't have the budget for 'the real stuff'? Please, do let us know!

Cardigan, jeans: H&M - Top: Pimkie - Boots: Steve Madden - Ring: Six - Earrings: Karolien's sister Kathleen

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