Wednesday, October 28, 2015

We Wear: Halloween & Mad Max

I'll start off this post with a few general truths that I have repeated approximately a million times by now. Yes, I love a good costume party. Halloween is the highlight of autumn in my book. I decided what character I was gonna be already in May. Safe to say I'm a little obsessed and you probably have a hunch how this post is going to go. 

That being said, I was determined to go bigger and bolder for Halloween this year, something I aim to do each and every single year. A girl's gotta challenge herself a little bit. For the decorations and spending a Sunday night scaring kids, I had some aid from my friends. My costume and make-up however are completely by my own hand. I knew I wanted to dress up as a character from Mad Max, but I kept on going back and forth between a) Furiosa, because awesome-feminist-kick ass, b) a War Boy, because I wanted to scream "Witness me!" and blabber about the Valhalla and c) Immortan Joe, because he's the big boss and I wanted to be something truly evil for Halloween. Thinking about his quote 'Aaaah, mediocre' however sealed the deal as it is something I tend to identify a lot with. Decision made, mask ordered and the rest was history. 

PS: I'm sorry for going on and on about Mad Max, especially if you haven't seen the movie. Though you should, you definitely should, it's one of the best movies I've seen this year, even more so if you like weird and exciting stuff. 




Friday, October 23, 2015

We Wear: Yellow Leopard

I've warned you guys that leopard is a basic in my book. I've found a new love for this coat. I catch myself reaching out for it almost every time when going out and that's kind of strange knowing that I own this coat for three years now but never really gave it a chance before. Although I tried two years ago, a couple of times. I even tried to sell it on last year's Bazaar Bizar.

I've been writing and deleting sentences for about ten minutes now so I think it's time for me to finish of this post. Sorry for the lack of reading material. And for the weird eye, I woke up like this.

If I can give you a tip for the weekend: visit the expo at Z33: "81 things I thought I had forgotten" by Jasper Rigole. He tries and succeeds to collect and investigate other people's memories and it's fascinating.

I'm wearing:
Coat: H&M (old)
Sweater: H&M
Shirt: H&M
Skinnies: Zara (old)
Shoes: H&M


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We Wear: Indian summer

Anyone that has stepped outside in the past days knows this outfit is not weather adjusted anymore. I can't believe that only a week ago it really was, but alas summer has gone and it's time to bundle up in EVERYTHING. I mean it, I get up in the morning and all I want to do is wear all the clothes in my closet before stepping outside, or you know, just go in hibernation mode with a blanket covering my head. Of course I'm exaggerating, but only ever so slightly, 'cause it's really freaking cold. But not to worry, when I was wearing this outfit, my mind was already subconsciously preparing my body for an ice cold winter as I was on the look out for big, chunky oldschool knitted sweaters when browsing at Brussels Vintage Market. And boy oh boy did I score, I nabbed TWO awesome sweaters for a bargain price (girl has gotta buy her some furniture) and TWO fuzzy headpieces, enabling me to face King Winter in all its force!

Seriously, I should press this even more: Brussels Vintage Market really is a must see/go/buy. Imagine a huge market with all the prettiness that vintage is and which is held each and every month. Besides that, the general atmosphere is truly amazing, not to mention the music and all the cool people. Summer or winter, always a lovely time!  

Currently listening to:
Bring me the horizon
Currently craving for (fashion wise or other):
A new, very warm winter coat

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

We Wear: 12,99

We'll all remember that day when everything at the H&M webshop was (faulty) priced 12,99 euros and everybody lost its head, went berserk and bought so much we all thought H&M would be bankrupt after this debacle. Me too eagerly clicked some items to my basket but much to my regret I noticed the price tags in my basket had already been changed back to normal quicker before I could enter my Mastercard number. Therefore I blew off operation H&M only to come across the more fortunate on my Facebook wall, still boasting about their recent bargains.

This debacle did made me discover these beautiful leopard, heeled chelsea boots and for only 29,99 I still call this a bargain. So I went back to the H&M webshop and clicked them in my basket anyway. Because screw you unemployment, I still buy what I want to! I probably didn't make up for all the marauders out there, though. H&M claims it was not a marketing stunt but I can only conclude for myself that I bought three items (yes, I went back a second time because I also spotted a teddy lined jeans jacket and I needed softness in my life) I probably wouldn't have come across if it wasn't for this whole technical hitch. But I think we can all conclude that almost everything at H&M is a bargain so I'm really not all that bummed. I should try to reduce my number of speeding tickets though. They sure as hell are not a bargain.

I'm wearing:
Leopard coat: H&M (old)
Top: Mango
Skinny jeans: Cheap Monday
Leopard booties: H&M


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