Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Murder doll

People who know me would probably agree if I told you guys that I love to dress up and disguise myself. Luckily, I've done that more than enough when I was still a proud Chiro girl (okay, totally tried to look up the translation of Chiro: Christian youth movement. Let's not go there) and where I would seize every opportunity to play another character. However, the crème de la crème of days where you can totally go overboard with dressing up is of course Halloween. I've been looking forward to Halloween ever since, uhm EVER (or at least since summer ended) and I seriously pondered about my costume for this year.

On Sunday, I decorated our terrace with some Halloween ornaments I stocked a while ago, carved some pumpkins, made pumpkin soup (indeed, that is a first for me), started putting on make-up hours in advance and patiently waited for the little monsters and witches to arrive. Yes, in my town, trick-or-treating is popular. Mostly because the local Chiro organizes it, but still. It was a cold, freezing night and me and my friends were happy to warm the little fellas with some hot coco.

As for my costume, I was a super scary murder doll. Last year I already did something very alike, but the kids weren't scared at all and everybody thought I was so 'cute'. Therefore, this year, it was going to be harder, better, faster, stronger, SCARIER. So more drama in the make-up, blood everywhere and a pirate knife (which I will be using for my next dressing up gig this week). My mom was afraid I was going to be too scary, but somebody handing out candy to little children cannot be scary at all, right? Okay, that came out wrong.

Tutu, jacket (verrry old): H&M - Shirt, socks: customized - bow tie, hat: Claire's - Shoes: Pimkie

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Cute camouflage

I love alliterations, especially in titles. And this love actually dates back to my youth (talking like I'm a 80 year-old again, must be all the knitting I'm doing lately) and more specifically the time when I spent my days reading the Belgian comic book 'Suske en Wiske'. So I use alliterations whenever I can, just because I can. But in this case, it is an alliteration with an interesting contrast: cute versus camouflage. Not a very evident combination, but I always loved outfits where cute floral dresses are combined with heavy biker boots or Doc Martens. I love contrasts, period. Contrast in clothes and in life. It's what makes everything more interesting. Well well, we learned a little something today: alliterations and contrast for the win!

Now onto the real topic of this post. I was longing for a camo army jacket for quite a while, but every jacket I encountered was either too 'feminine' or just too expensive in my opinion. So, when I saw this jacket hanging over at T2, I was over the top happy.  I tried it on, contemplated about the soldier that must have worn it (I'm sure he is a true hero and that he did not sweat too much in my jacket, he's just a clean, cool dude, I swear) and took it home with me. My sister thought it was horrible. My mom thought it was horrible.  But when I customized it with some studs (bought on Etsy), at least my mom came around. Kind of. Sort of. Well, she wasn't too ashamed to walk next to me, so I'm guessing she was quite okay with it.

Jacket: T2 - blouse: Primark - shorts, purse: H&M - loafers: Sister (Hasselt) - Bow: Americal Apparel - Cupcake ring: France

Camo jackets: the best ivy camouflage. I get it now!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Labellov - Timeless vintage & luxury secondhand items. 

Sounds promising, doesn't it? So you can imagine I was in seventh heaven when I won the Belmodo Contest and received a double ticket for the opening of the event on Thursday. I was planning on going anyway on Saturday, but nothing beats an opening, right? 

I must say I was a bit naive when I thought I could take home a vintage Chanel bag. Usually when I go to secondhand stores or markets, prices are really low. But of course, when we're talking "timeless" and "luxury" vintage, that ain't the case. So everything I saw was way out of my budget, unfortunately. My friend Sofie and I even worked out an arrangement to buy the cheapest Chanel bag, and use it every other week (or on special occasions), but even that was out of reach. But if I was a working girl, I would definitely save up for something because deep down in my heart I know it's worth it. Melodramatic much?

Except for all the chunky (and sometimes kitsch...but timeless, luxury vintage kitsch) jewelry, there were also CLASSIC CARS. I'm not a car freak at all, but those old-timers got my heart racing. They really don't make cars like that anymore (Karolien and I always say that about boys: They don't make 'em like that anymore! followed by a big sigh), and it's a shame! I like the car I'm driving (a PINK Ford Fiesta), but it doesn't have the same spirit as those beauties I've seen there. And they were kind of affordable, I mean: 21000 euros is not that much more than what you pay for a Mini Cooper for instance. 

I really enjoyed watching people as well. And we met Nathalie from Curls and Bags, who also took our picture to feature on her blog. Don't mind my stupid face, people don't ask me everyday to take my picture. Which reminds me: I have been photographed in Barcelona for some streetstyle blog, two years ago. Totally forgot about it! I never tried to find it, maybe I should search for it now.

OH! We also got our picture taken at the Belmodo corner, so instead of buying expensive bags, we can WIN LE MADAME, by Delvaux! So please vote for us HERE. Thanks! 

One more thing: Sofie and I totally disagreed on the fact that you still have to spend so much on a vintage item. Sofie said that if you had the money, you'd just buy a totally new item instead of a vintage, already worn piece. But I said that the vintage aspect gave it even more value, because it's more rare and it caries the 'soul' of the previous owner. (That's Halloween talking.) So I'm curious: would you guys rather pay up for some vintage items, or just go to the store and buy a totally new piece?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Black, Burgundy, Gold

Spot the cat.

A really casual outfit today. I'm sitting at home these days, in front of my computer, looking for a job, designing for a graphic test, and other stuff, and editing pictures. (I'm also browsing Pinterest, numerous online shops and fashion blogs, just so you know.) In fact, I don't have to leave the house. Except when I go for a run, but I'm gonna spare you that outfit. So there's no need to really dress up and I'm also not in the mood to show a more festive or 'original' outfit.

Oh yes, my mood. It's not that great these days. Looking for a job is a fulltime job on its own. And today I feel a bit demotivated. I mentioned before that two weeks ago I had two job interviews planned. After my first interview I was mad at myself, because I knew I could have done better, but for some reason my nerves totally took over that day. That translated into flushing scarlet (thanks, fifty shades) and stammering and well basically unable to act normal. I did a major facepalm when I left that building. But OK, we had to do a graphic test (feedback will yet follow) so nothing is lost. Yet. My other interview on the other hand went excellent. Or at least I thought. I was really confident, talkative - but not too much -, and looking that guy straight in the eye. But I didn't get a callback for a second interview. So I picked up the telephone myself yesterday, only to be told I didn't make it to the second round. That really slapped me in the face because I really really thought that interview went really good. Yes, I did want to use 'really' that much in just one sentence.

But let's talk outfit. It's my highwaisted jeans again! I have a tendency to wear / eat / like / drink / hate / ... things for a certain period of time and then suddenly grow completely tired of it (or write love poems about it when I originally hated it). My top's from Pimkie and I really like the simplicity. The mini-studs make it a little less 'boring', they do tend to fall off. The cardigan is from H&M, it's perfect for these windy fall days and to curl up in on the couch. Or to sit in front of your computer while biting your fingernails. My boots are from Steve Madden and totally worth the amount noted on the price tag (they weren't THAT expensive, but more expensive than what I'm used to). Last year, I bought similar boots at H&M because I really wanted lace up biker boots. But I wasn't satisfied, they felt so cheap and plastic. So I ended up selling them a couple of weeks later at Eline's Bazaar Bizar, for only half the amount I had paid for it. So, I made a decision to invest more in more expensive pieces rather than just buy the cheaper H&M version. I don't say H&M doesn't sell quality stuff, I LOVE shopping there and I will never stop doing that I guess. But I want to combine my high street shopping with shopping some labels. Steve Madden has been my first. You know.

Talking labels, I do have some GOOD news too: I won a double ticket for the LABELLOV event this Thursday, thanks to a contest on BELMODO.TV. Unique vintage clothes, jewelry and accessories from even more unique designers? YES PLEASE! I really do hope to take home a vintage Chanel bag. So you can expect a post on that too in one of the following days. (So, I've been checking the website in the meantime, and I think I'm gonna go home crying! But I'll make a post of it anyhow so you can all participate in my grief.)

Actually, how do YOU guys feel about high street shopping versus label browsing? Also tired of plastic looking alternatives and studs that fall off, but don't have the budget for 'the real stuff'? Please, do let us know!

Cardigan, jeans: H&M - Top: Pimkie - Boots: Steve Madden - Ring: Six - Earrings: Karolien's sister Kathleen

Spot the bug.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Designer Days, Hasselt

When you love designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags and other wannahaves, but you don't have the budget to actually buy all these pretty things, I bet last Saturday was marked in your calendar. It wasn't? Well, stop reading right this instant, because you're gonna feel sorry you didn't.

Hasselt has its very own Museum of Fashion and last Saturday they organised their annual Designer Days:  a stock sale, together with some of the local and exclusive boutiques and designers. This means: all the prettiness of designer must-haves for discount prices. If this doesn't get your heart racing, make sure to pay your doctor a visit today.

My budget for this month has already been spent (thank you Steve Madden boots - I'll show later - ), but this didn't stop me from going and nose about. My friend Sofie bought the most amazing heeled loafers by Marc by Marc Jacobs and Natalie took home a lovely ring by Els Vansteelandt (sold by Multiple). We also visited the running exposition "Dressing the 20th century", because of the 'festivities', the entrance fee was gratuite!

Afterwards, we went for coffee and iced tea at Sweet Coffee. Make sure you stop by there when you're in Hasselt and in the mood for coffee, they have giant Audrey Hepburn photos on the wall!

For a list of all the participating boutiques and designers, make sure you go visit the museum's website.


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