Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Cute camouflage

I love alliterations, especially in titles. And this love actually dates back to my youth (talking like I'm a 80 year-old again, must be all the knitting I'm doing lately) and more specifically the time when I spent my days reading the Belgian comic book 'Suske en Wiske'. So I use alliterations whenever I can, just because I can. But in this case, it is an alliteration with an interesting contrast: cute versus camouflage. Not a very evident combination, but I always loved outfits where cute floral dresses are combined with heavy biker boots or Doc Martens. I love contrasts, period. Contrast in clothes and in life. It's what makes everything more interesting. Well well, we learned a little something today: alliterations and contrast for the win!

Now onto the real topic of this post. I was longing for a camo army jacket for quite a while, but every jacket I encountered was either too 'feminine' or just too expensive in my opinion. So, when I saw this jacket hanging over at T2, I was over the top happy.  I tried it on, contemplated about the soldier that must have worn it (I'm sure he is a true hero and that he did not sweat too much in my jacket, he's just a clean, cool dude, I swear) and took it home with me. My sister thought it was horrible. My mom thought it was horrible.  But when I customized it with some studs (bought on Etsy), at least my mom came around. Kind of. Sort of. Well, she wasn't too ashamed to walk next to me, so I'm guessing she was quite okay with it.

Jacket: T2 - blouse: Primark - shorts, purse: H&M - loafers: Sister (Hasselt) - Bow: Americal Apparel - Cupcake ring: France

Camo jackets: the best ivy camouflage. I get it now!


  1. Leuke combinatie en ik ben wel fan van de vest!

  2. Leuke outfit, ik vind vooral je strikje zo lief! :D echt een leuk detail :)

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  3. Amazing outfit, the jacket is looking awesome, perfectly paired with black leggings, such combination always works looks gorgeous.


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