Monday, October 8, 2012

Antwerp Fashion Night: Bloggers Closet Sale

Fashion nights and weeks, they happen all across the globe in big cities like New York, Paris and London. Of course, Belgium couldn't stay behind and what better city to organize a night filled with fashion than the fashion capital of our tiny country: Antwerp. On the 28th of September, le moment suprême was there and we were especially interested in the Bloggers Closet Sale. I mean, what's not to like or even love: our favorite bloggers selling their clothes sounded like music in our ears. 

Since we also had tickets for the farewell concert of the Heideroosjes (a Dutch punk band) and kind of forgot about them (we bought them a year ago or something), we decided we were in for a crazy combo that night. First station of our journey was the Antwerp Fashion Night and the Bloggers Closet Sale in Antwerp, next stop was Brussels for a kick ass concert. We spent several hours in trains and cars, but it was all worth it! 

The Bloggers Closet Sale was a huge success for bloggers like The Styling Dutchman, Dogs and Dresses, The Fashion Folio, Shark Attack, Insomnia and many more, but of course also for us buying gals. Not only were there pretty, delicious little cupcakes from Patty Cakes and Tao drinks, we also managed to score some new assets for our wardrobes. I bought a knitted vest from Polienne and a sweater from Dogs and Dresses, love love love it! Lies bought a shirt, also from Dogs and Dresses, and a blazer from Shark Attack. After browsing through the clothing racks at the Bloggers Closet Sale, it was time to bounce back to the train station to take a train to Brussels to scream our lungs out at the Heideroosjes concert.

PS: Sorry for the lack of pictures, but we really were in a hurry and kind of overwhelmed by all the clothes that were ours to take home.

PS2: Totally fell in love with the glitter shoes from The Styling Dutchman, but unfortunately they were a tad too small for one of my feet (yes, I'm a mutant and my feet are two different sizes).

And to go out with a bang, HERE WE GO: HEIDEROOSJES! 


  1. Hey, I remember you from the Closet Sale! :D
    So fun to find out you have a blog too.
    Following you now!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  2. Haha, geweldig! Wij volgen jou ook al een tijdje :) Ik ben echt wel extreem jaloers op je Anna Dello Russo ketting...


Thank you!


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