Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Pale Pink.

Actually, this could be the title of any of my WWWW's, I seem to wear a lot of pale pink. But what can I say? I love it! So I don't need to justify it, right?

I wore this outfit for my first days of work (summer job at L'exsellent in Lommel), as in: yesterday and the day before. Two days in a row?! OH NO WHAT A SHAME! Only's not. This outfit is super comfy and that's all what your first days of work should be about. There's enough stressing about all the new stuff you have the learn and all. So while picking up wrinkles of all that thinking, I want to be in a comfortable outfit.

So I've been working for two days now (actually only one and a half to be quite honest) and I'm already kind of exhausted. However, I did photograph a wedding on Saturday. It was my first and I really underestimated all of the work! At half past seven, I was already taking my first pictures of the bride to be at the hairdresser's, and around half past midnight I stepped in my car to drive home. That's seventeen hours of almost non-stop photographing. It was really fun though. As a photographer, you can sneak around all day trying to capture all the little things that usually go unnoticed. I love sneaking around! And nobody bothers you because're the photographer and you're allowed to sneak around! The luxury! But I'm getting of track, I was just explaining why I must be so tired now.

I love these skinnies I'm wearing. They're from ZARA and they are ab-so-lutely fantastic. I bought them four times, each in different colors. Skinnies tend to be not skinny enough (or does that just happen to me), but these fit perfectly. Everyone should own a black skinny jeans by the way. I love to combine black pants with more romantic shades, for instance this pale pink. The black toughens up the pink and the pink softens (the blow)* the black. The denim jacket finishes the look by saying "Yes, she's a chick you don't want to mess with". I also sometimes combine this look with my pale pink blazer you can see HERE. That might be too much of pale pink for the most of us, but not for me it isn't!.

Denim jacket, sneakers: H&M - Top: Forever21 - Skinnies: ZARA


Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY: Studded Shoes

Yes, another DIY people! Did I already mention that DIY is not only hip and trendy, but it's also CHEAP? Oh, I have? Well, I can't emphasize it enough! I'm sorry that I sound like some cheap (!) rip-off of some television sales woman. I'm not here to brainwash you, I just want to show you guys how you can very easily make studded shoes, all by yourself. Or with friends of course, that choice is up to you.
Here's what you need:

That's it, really! Of course, you can use other things than shoes, like, for instance, a denim jacket or some shorts! We used studs we found on Etsy, you can find the link HERE. We bought two bags of each 275 pieces and we spread those over four people, so we each had about 60 studs per shoe. Make sure you count them, so you don't end up having used 80 studs on one shoe and 40 on the other. Except when that's exactly what you want of course.

You can find cheap shoes (sloefkes) at H&M, Primark, New Look, Action,... Anything cheap will do! And then all you have to do is search for your steady hand and start glueing those studs to your shoes. Actually our studs already contain glue which becomes fluid after you heat it, but that was too much of a mess and a struggle, so we just put glue on the back of the studs and jammed them on our shoes. And that's all there is to do! The hardest part is to decide how you are going to place your studs on the shoe. 

When you're finished, make sure you let your shoes rest over the night so the glue can dry properly!

I must add, we put studs on the front of our shoes. But when i walk, the studs tend to fall of on the area where my shoe 'bends'. So maybe it's convenient to see where your shoe bends, and make sure you don't put your studs directly on that line. Sofie (with the yellow shoes) was really smart for that matter, because she left some space between the studs, which keeps them from pushing one another. She blamed it on her laziness though, haha. Serendipity?

These DIY's are also purrrrfect for rainy days spent inside. So if the weather stays this watery, expect some more fun DIY's!

Here are some more pictures of the process and the final result: 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Floral

Last time I did a WWW Wednesday, I apologized for the horrible background in the pictures and I promised to do better next time. I enunciated with great bravery that there would be wavy trees and even some flowers. So, there you have it! Keeping promises like a boss, although I had to cheat a bit to get the flowers in the picture. Floral printed pants to the rescue, right? Make no mistake, those pants are no pajamas. Yes, indeed, there are in fact people who are quite easily mistaken, but what do they know, pfuh! Honestly, I have to admit though that they do feel as comfy as pajamas. But well, nobody said you can't wear something pretty and be pajamas-comfortable at the same time.

I took the pictures at my grandmother's house, so no, the dog is (thank gooood) not mine. Not that I don't like dogs, I'm just not particularly fond of them and I think it has something to do with a childhood trauma of mine. I seem to be talking a lot about my grandma lately, at least in the latest two blog posts. There's a very good reason for that though, she is so much fun! And so modern. Our hair colours even match: hers is purple all the way and mine is at the moment dip and dye purple(ish).

One more thing I wanted to share: I tried something new with my nails, as you can see in the picture. It's called Sunset Nails, but let's just call it Tequila Sunrise Nails, 'cause that sounds so much more fun. Pretty much everything with the word tequila in it sounds fun. Anyways, it's actually the same as doing ombre nails, applied with a sponge. I think this video is very helpful in that department, and if you just use yellow and red nail polish, it's a perfect sunrise! I have to say, I have not really the hang of it yet (I actually wanted it to look like this), but  I guess practice makes perfect... 

Pants, blazer: Primark - Bag - Sac d' Anvers - Loafers - Sister (Hasselt) - Bracelets, shirt: H&M - Necklace: vintage - Nail polish: Catrice & Pronails 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Twas a Dip and Dye Day

Dip and dye is hot. Whether it's your hair or your clothes, dip and dye is the way to go. Considering that we already tested and unanimously approved the dip and dye hairstyle, we thought it was time to dye some of our clothes. So, a few weeks ago on a rainy Sunday (well, we have plenty of those here) we had a jolly Dip and Dye Do It Yourself Day. Whatsyaneed for a fun day like that? Something you want to dye: a shirt, some denim shorts, a denim pants... Don't matter! Next, you also need textile paint, kitchen salt, disposable gloves, rubber bands, bleach (for decolorizing denim or other fabrics), buckets and water. We chose the colour Flamingo Pink, of course because of the ravishing name.

We started by dip and dyeing our already white shirts. Very easy: we followed the instructions on the wrapping of the textile paint and filled a bucket with warm water and added the textile paint powder. It  said on the wrapping that you should add some kitchen salt, so we neatly followed those instructions as the goody two-shoes we obviously are. Important note: your shirt has to be somewhat humid, so you can best wash it beforehand. We dipped our shirts halfway in the paint bucket and let the paint to its job.

After about ten minutes or so, we pulled to shirts out a bit to have a graded effect, going from light pink to darker. 

Afterwards, you waited for what seemed like ages, but what was in real life about 45 minutes, for the shirt to further soak in the paint. Luckily, we had some magazines and my granny to avoid getting bored out of our minds. My granny is so cool!

Le moment supreme, how did it turn out? Pretty good, if we say so ourselves!

I did something alike with my denim shorts. Only, I bleached them in advance 'till they were almost white so that the colour would pop out more. I also made some knots with rubber bands to have some cool effects. The rest is pretty much the same as explained above with the only difference that I used two colours on the shorts: blue on top and pink at the bottom. I absolutely love, love, love the result: hellooo, new festival outfit!You shall definately see me rocking these shorts on the Pukkelpop festival this summer!

Lies decided to try something a bit different on her denim pants: tie dyeing, which is also incredibly easy. No dye needed, actually all you need is in this case not love, but some bleach and rubber bands. You make knots with the rubber bands and that creates some unique patterns after you have submerged the pants in the bleach. You can see the result here and in the picture below.

Dip and dyeing or tie dyeing is really easy and really good on your budget (oh, budgets, the horror!). Why spend money on buying things you can so easily create yourself? So dive in your wardrobe and dye those discarded clothes! I'm kinda starting to feel like a dip and dye promoting commercial, but what the heck, a girl has to be overly enthusiastic from time to time, right?!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Kurt Cobain

These weekly posts remind me of how fast time flies! It's Wednesday a-gain, wow!

But back to business. A couple of months ago already, I bought some new sunglasses from 80's Purple after I saw a blogpost on Fashionata (you can read that particular article HERE). I really LOVED those half-tint sunglasses so I decided to buy them myself. The black ones were already sold out so I was forced (yes, forced) to buy the white ones. But I don't mind, I love white accessories. And suddenly those sunglasses reminded me of this picture of Kurt Cobain, hence the title of this blogpost. I tried to mimic that picture but that turned out harder than expected, so I gave up. Sorry! It really was too ridiculous. 

I'm also wearing my new, and handmade, tie-dye jeans! I had never tie-dyed anything before, and I love how it turned out. Only downside: I used an old jegging which is actually a little too big for me now. When it comes out of the laundry it fits fine, but after half an hour it gets rather loose. Bummer!

My top is from H&M, I bought it two years ago and it still is one of my favorite items in my closet. I have, without exaggeration, worn it a million times and it carries a lot of happy memories. I think back then I called it my 'lucky blouse'. I love the fit, the pale pink color and how it sometimes unexpectedly falls over my shoulder. At first, I thought it wasn't going to last very long, because I feared things would get stuck in it and I would tear it. But up until now, that has never happened!

Sunglasses: 80's Purple - Blouse, jegging, sneakers: H&M 
Kurt Cobain

Friday, June 8, 2012

DIY: Ombre jeans with bleach

Seems like everything these days is about DIY. It's hip, it's trendy and above all: it's low budget! And since my budget is (way too) low too, I kind of dig these DIY tutorials.

So here's one of my own. No, I didn't invent it. I came across similar stuff on Pinterest, other blogs and YouTube. But instead of posting a video I found on YouTube (I'm sure you guys are smart enough to know how that thing works), I'm going to show you step by step how I did this. My jeans will not be tie dyed, I went for the ombre look.

First things first: what will you need?
  • two buckets (one for the water-bleach mixture and one with plain water)
  • bleach (any brand will do, I even mixed mine because one was almost empty)
  • (disposable) gloves
  • some old towels
  • your jeans, or whatever you want to bleach (mine is an old jegging I bought at H&M)

  • also, don't wear your favorite pair of jeans while doing this, because when you spill with the bleach it will be ruined
  • and cover up whatever surface your bucket with bleach is standing on so you don't damage your floor or table or whatever if you spill

I filled my first bucket with four litres of water, straight from the tap. Then I added about two litres of bleach. I didn't follow the instructions on the bleach bottle or anything, I just added 'till I thought it would suffice. I just made sure I had enough fluids in my bucket so I could easily soak my jeans. I want to add that you do all this in a well-ventilated room or preferably outside.

Now put on your gloves and start soaking your jeans in the bleach. Because I want an ombre effect, I let the bottom half of my jeans soak and let the other half just hang over the edge of the bucket. (If you want to tie dye, you make knots in your jeans with rubber bands and throw the whole thing in the bucket)

I don't know 'bout you, but I'm not a very patient person. After half an hour I went to check on my jeans, but saw no difference whatsoever. From experience, I know you should wait at least an hour. I advise you to try and do something productive during that hour, because otherwise it gets pretty boring.

An hour later and you can really see the difference now! But I want the bottom parts lighter, so I put them back in the bleach. I let the middle half hang over the edge, because I was satisfied with how that turned out.

Another 45 minutes later, but it seemed that the bottom parts didn't get any lighter after all. But ah well, no biggie, it's fine like this too! I filled my other bucket with enough water so I could rinse my jeans. I let it rinse for a couple of minutes and then added a tad of washing powder.

And here's the result! I did wash my jeans in the washing machine after the whole process (otherwise it keeps smelling like bleach) and then let it dry overnight.

Have you ever tried to bleach your jeans yourself? Did it turn out the way you expected? Let us know!


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