Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday

A great title for this blog post would be: Knee stockings and a crappy background. Because, well, let's not state the obvious, shall we? I would like to apologize for the horrible looking background of the pictures, but it's really the only 'garden' I have in Leuven and I hate taking pictures inside... I even pulled out some of the ever growing weed for these pictures! And I promise, next time there'll be green wavy trees and maybe even some flowers to really top it off. Or I'll just head for the nearest park of course.

All right, let's talk business/outfit now. This outfit really combines some of my all-time favorite things. First, there are the knee stockings. Aaah, the knee stockings... I can honestly say that I've practically been wearing them all autumn and winter and that when spring finallyyy arrived, I was a bit sad that I had to say goodbye to them. No such thing, though! Turns out a chilly spring leaves the opportunity to still wear stockings, but now on my bare legs instead with panties! So actually I'm happy that it isn't too hot right now (okay, I'm kind of lying here, or being a ridiculous optimistic all of a sudden).

The second item I totally love is the denim jacket. I simply love it. It's almost as if it's glued to my skin lately, I wear it that often! I even have a song about how much I love my jeans jacket (which annoys pretty much everybody, but it's catchy though). Besides from just being pretty, it can be combined with almost everything: cute dresses, pants... You name it! 

And third, a new love just arrived for a hopefully pleasant and long stay in one of my closets: the red purse. When I saw it in Topshop, I knew I had to have it. No sooner said than done and I found myself paying for it at the cash register in the blink of an eye. The only downside is that it is too small for my wallet to fit, but I guess that goes for a lot of my purses, considering my wallet is HUGE!

 Denim jacket, shoes: New Look - Dress: Primark - Belt: H&M - Purse: Topshop - Knee stockings: Veritas

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