Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Leopard Love

Last summer I already discovered the perks of loose, printed pants: I bought myself two pair of flower pants. After wearing them to death and actually growing a bit tired of them, I spotted the perfect new pair of printed pants on my holiday in France. And in my favorite print of all time: leopard. Yes, I have A LOT of stuff in leopard print and some people might even say I have everything in leopard and some other people might even say that it is TOO MUCH (my sister) and more people may say that I need to stop buying leopard printed clothes and accessories. To all those people I say: NO, I have the right, no even the duty, to buy as much stuff in my favorite print as I possibly can. I simply adore it and every time I spot something in leopard, my attention is immediately drawn. I cannot help it. It's my little addiction, quite harmless, right?

That being said and off my chest, I decided to dress up the leopard pants a bit. Normally I wear it quite comfortably and more edgy, but this time I wanted to try and look a little bit more up style. For that purpose, I wore my cream blazer and combined it with my collared blouse. I wasn't too sure about the outfit at the start of the day, but I came to really love the contrast between the dark leopard on the one hand and the white and pastel on the other hand.

Also notice the dip and dye necklace. I spent ages looking for it, but I couldn't find it anywhere and almost resorted to trying to fix it up myself. Luckily and weirdly enough, I found it after all this time in H&M, a shop where I almost spend every waking hour, so to speak. 

 Blazer, shirt, necklace, sunglasses: H&M - Pants: market in France - Loafers: Sister (Hasselt) - Purse: Primark



  1. Ahh zalig outfitje en love uw haar! You can never have too many leopard things ;) xo, Elien

    1. Eindelijk iemand die het snapt!


Thank you!


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