Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Detox modus on

The last few days it's been all about detoxing and going back to - the sometimes annoying - reality. After four great, totally blazing days at the Pukkelpop festival, it's back to work for me while still recuperating from things that generally accompany attendance at a festival: sleep deprivation, alcohol overload and some serious aching muscles from dancing my ass off. God, it sucks! Can't complain too much though, at least work doesn't suck. I just seriously need to detox and sleep a little.

So this is what I wore on one of my first days back at the job. I most definitely wanted something breezy as it has been incredibly hot here (this is not me complaining, I will not ever complain about it being too hot) AND I couldn't just yet let go of the festival look, so short shorts it is! Not the most appropriate thing to wear on the work floor, but hey, the top is quite sophisticated, no? Besides, during the holiday months everything gets to be a little bit more relaxed, at least in my opinion. The whole "Chill, the sun is shining"-attitude, you know.

Both the purse and the earrings are thrifted, I bought the purse via a Facebook group where people can sell clothes and accessories they don't want anymore (Louvintage) and I found the earrings on a very small town flea market. I totally love finding really really cheap things! Only last week I snapped up not one, not two, but THREE jackets and that for 1 euro a piece at Think Twice Leuven. I bought a blazer which very closely resembled one I almost picked up the day before at H&M. I did a giant dance of joy, because I saved a little bit of money and still had the perfect blazer. I also bought a flower jacket and an army jacket (a real one from the Belgian army, I'm so hardcore).

PS: Don't you think the purse looks like a Café Noir biscuit? I do!

PSS: Foo Fighters kick ass, can't stop listening to their songs after seeing them on Saturday. 
Top, watch: Primark - Shorts: H&M - Purse: thrifted at Louvintage - Earrings: thrifted - Sunglasses: Vans - Sandals: Sac d'Anvers Hasselt


Thank you!


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