Wednesday, April 13, 2016

We Wear: The boyfriend's band sweater

 I'm wearing:
H&M faux leather jacket // H&M Scarf // Boyfriend sweater // H&M crisp white shirt // Cheap Monday  skinny jeans via Urban Outfitters // H&M polka dot socks // Pertini brogues via La Bottega // Komono sunglasses // Pictures by Sofie

He spilled coffee on my top so I had to wear something of his. And I don't mind because I actually love this sweater! Lorenz found it as a sale bargain at Urban Outfitters last winter but I'm trying to slowly add it to my pile of clothes - sorry Lorenz. I'd give him something in return but my wardrobe is either too fluffy or "too metal". I went for the preppy grunge look with this outfit. I really underestimated the power of a crisp white shirt! A tomboy must-have if you ask me.

This outfit nor the weather will show it but we did enjoy a first day of spring about a week and a half ago. I was sipping wine bare-legged, that's heaven for me guys. I did not photograph the look however because I was way too busy with doing nothing.

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