Tuesday, April 19, 2016

We Wear: Blossoms in the rain

Already two weeks ago - time flies - we were invited to check out the Japanse Tuin (Hasselt) in all its gorgeousness. Japanse Tuin is Dutch for Japanese garden, but that only half covers what it's all about. The Japanse Tuin is basically a large garden in Japanese style, which includes cherry blossoms and magnolia trees almost as far as the eye can reach. With spring upon us, the garden looked its absolute best, and that's not even taking into account the other aspects of Japanese culture that are brought to life right there. We learned a lot about this Japanese culture and especially I was a complete noob, except for the fact that I do know my sushi. Considering that Lies will be visiting Japan in September, the invitation and everything we heard there was more than welcome. To sum up, it's a must visit for several reasons!

We naturally took pictures, but the weather kind of got in the way. After all, it's still Belgium we live in and not, I don't know, Palm Spring in Cali (yes, I've been obsessing over Coachella pictures). However, even in the rain, the pinkness of the blossoms was still so pretty, and when the sun finally greeted us with her presence, it felt like the entire garden awoke. As I live very nearby, I'm definitely going back in summer!


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