Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kwestie van (s)maak

The beautiful weather from the previous post unfortunately didn't last long. The next day it was back to a clouded sky and taking your umbrella with you whenever you went out. Doesn't it suck when it's a bank holiday but the weather just wants to keep you inside?

Luckily there was a little  market at the Chirodroom in Bilzen, organised by Sarah from The Vintage Blues,  where we could flee too: Kwestie van (s)maak. We love markets that are about handmade and creative ideas, so it only seemed right to pay a visit! Karolien's sister Kathleen was also selling her goods there. She makes jewelry and hair accessories out of old buttons and never fails luring me into buying some earrings. They are too pretty! Make sure to take a look at her Facebook page: Buttons, baby!

Karolien and I both bought the same ring from Inimini Homemade. We like chunky jewelry, so we couldn't resist. Karolien went for the black version (as you can see in the picture) as I went for some good old pale pink. Don't you love it when things are predictable? I sure as hell don't, but I like me some pale pink. A necklace that reminded me of my little pony also did some damage to my wallet. My wallet will survive, eventually.

Besides pretty jewelry there was a barbecue to still your hunger, some homemade fresh pies for dessert and some other local goods to be discovered, like Baru chocolates (the most LOVELY packaging). We enjoyed some bio apple juice, yummyy!

Enough with the talking. Let these pictures make you feel as if you were there. We will come back next year!

Villa Vintage
Buttons, Baby!
Pretty earrings by Inimini Homemade
The Vintage Blues
Chunky ring by Inimini Homemade

A glimpse of what I was wearing: the tiger sweater (Titi and the German Kid), skinny jeans and glitter loafers (La Bottega).

Yeah, what to do when it't raining outside and you have no sunglasses at hand. You use your beanie to cover your eyes.

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