Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Night out vs. Sushi date

Night Out: Top: Mango - Skirt: New Look - Shoes: La Bottega - Earrings; Forever 21 - Necklace: market in Porto
Sushi Date: Top: Mango - Skirt, earrings: New Look - Shoes, blazer: H&M -  Necklace: COS - Sunglasses: Carrera

It was just one of those Saturdays: party planned in the evening but nothing to wear. Only one instant solution: turn off your mind and go shopping! Turning of the mind was needed to be able to ignore all the crazy, little kids who were let loose in the city. Education seems to be overrated these days. Or Plopsa Indoor got too expensive.

My elbows were itching, but I managed to find my complete outfit before they got out of hand in some kid's face. Concentration is a necessity whilst shopping, you know. I found the top at Mango. I rarely grab black clothing, not because I don't like it, I'm just more attracted to colorful and bright things. But I knew from the moment I slipped it on, it would be a keeper. Beautiful in it's simplicity, and some good old back cleavage. I already saw me wearing it on my black skinnies (the only piece of clothing where I mostly go for black) when New Look threw this skirt in my face. No words are needed, right? It's the perfect model for my figure (or I like to believe that and I'm not in the mood for contradiction, so leave me be) and I love the little tie-dye effect it has. In the fitting room I tried my newly bought top with it and I felt like winning the jackpot. I bet all of you guys have felt that way in a fitting room at least once!

For the party that evening I combined my winning combination with my new sparkly shoes from La Bottega. I've claimed once never to say no to glitter/ sparkles again, and I've learned over the years to honor my intentions. So there you go. I like the combination of gold in my necklace and earrings. It gives me a 'Great Gatsby', roaring twenties feel. But that might just be me.

The next day I was contemplating 'bout my outfit for the sushi date that evening, with bestie Sofie. But who was I kidding. Of course I wanted to wear my new skirt and top. It's so typically Lies: now I want to wear it forever when all of a sudden I will grow tired of it. I can't imagine now that will EVER happen, but that day will come. And some kid is going to regret being in the city that day. But I made an effort to at least change my accessories for the occasion. The sunglasses were a must to hide my still puffy eyes, and protect them from how bright the world can be.  It makes the outfit totally different, don't you think? Just say yes, believe me.

Now that's a whole lot of talking.

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  1. Very cute outfit! Or should I say outfitS? ;) I love your top.


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