Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Porto buys

Yes, it's Porto again. Sue us. We've spent last Friday dancing in the rain, which was fun, but I'm craving some sunshine here! Sunshine! Cocktails! Swimming! Dresses! So it's time for some reminiscing.

During our first day in Porto, we went shopping. It was hard not to as our apartment was only a couple of streets away from the big shopping street. And there I met Stradivarius. It was love at first sight, like head over heels, and I've been thinking about him every day since I got back. He totally ignored my budget and left me broke to the penny, but oh my I couldn't care less. The things I got in return are totally worth my madness! I swear to God that we hadn't been drinking Caipirinhas beforehand but we acted like wild animals in that store.

This dress and the bag are some of my buys at Stradivarius. Strapless, tie-dye, white. I really do not need to say more, do I? Yes, it occurs to me also that my skirt from my previous post kind of resembles this dress, as it's also light blue and tie-dye'ish. So what, it's my thing now. The zipper on the back does tend to open, without me wanting that. But nothing a little hook can't fix. Thank you Natalie for 'hooking me up' each day!

Because of all that dancing in the rain all night last Friday, I'm stuck with a throat infection. So I'm going to leave you with this and a promise to write a more coherent story next time.

Dress, bag; Stradivarius - Shoes: H&M - Ring: New Look - Earrings: market at the Primavera Festival - Sunglasses: ModCloth - Hairpin: Veritas

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  1. In dat barretje (ik herken de menukaart) ben ik ook geweest toen ik in Porto was, en mijn lievelingsschoenen komen ook uit de Stradivarius, daar passeerde ik ook regelmatig toen ik nog in Lissabon woonde!
    Tof kleedje trouwens!


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