Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Cheerleader squad

When Lies mentioned in one of the previous posts that she had a new skirt, I already knew trouble were ahead. That's because I was pretty sure I bought the same one a few weeks beforehand. Now, us buying the same or similar items has happened before (one of the risks of shopping at H&M and New Look) and always with the same consequences: walking around like Siamese twins or something. This time was no different. When I arrived at the Rock Herk festival, I heard a muffled scream along the lines of  a sad cat screaming 'Oh noo!' bursting out of Lies' mouth. Yep, we were wearing the same skirt. 

It felt like we were both about to cheer for our favorite hunky quarterback in the local high school team. However, I do think we styled it quite differently (good for us!). And this actually might just come down to the core of our styles and the combination of both of these styles: we are similar, but still different. This does not mean that we are copies or absolutely desperately trying to be the same girl. Nope, we are just best friends who are interested in the same styles, love the same things, shop at the same stores, inspire each other and both have brown hair. But we still do our own thing and love each other for it. Next time we'll coordinate our outfits though in order to NOT wear the same skirt at the same time.

Crop top, skirt, necklace: New Look - Bag, flower crown: H&M - Shoes: Vans - Sunglasses: Ebay 

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  1. Haha ik heb hetzelfde 'probleem' met een vriendin van mij :D
    Naomi, x


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