Monday, November 26, 2012


Cats are HOT! Leopard prints have been around for quite a while and now it seems like it's time to show the face 'behind the fur'. It's not only wild cats here, the domestic cat is making an entry too. And quite a good one in my opinion. As people often call me a 'crazy cat lady', this is a trend I cannot let slip. I'm simply obliged to own at least one cat-faced jumper in my closet. But until my first paycheck has arrived, I will get no further then drooling over my screen while browsing the online shops. I'm considering buying a waterproof case for my laptop, I still need it for work.

So I made some boards with finds from different shops. I warn you: excessive production of saliva will take place. I found my favorites at Romwe: the white big jumper with the cat face, and the black jumper with the cat face. PERFECTION!

 Do you like the whole cat-face trend? Any preferences considering wild cats or domestic cats?

Oh and in case you're burning with curiosity: I did cut my bangs.


  1. Dat rokje van Romwe is echt leuk!

    1. JA! En als je dat aandoet heb je ogen op je heupen = too cool


Thank you!


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