Friday, November 16, 2012

Magnetic nail polish

A few days ago, my sister called me with some exciting news. She works at Ici Paris XL and she called to let me know that the Flair Magnetic Nail Polish had arrived. Creating special patterns on your nails was never easier, or at least according to the advertisement! So, what do you have/need? Very simple: just the Magnetic Nail Polish and the accompanying magnet with one of three possible patterns (stripes, waves, or a star). I chose the colour Onyx and the magnet with the stripe pattern and I have to admit: the result is supah dupah! And it really is as easy as it says in the explanation: just apply the nail polish on one finger, hold the magnet above the nail for about ten seconds, et voilĂ , done and done. 

For those who are interested: how does this miracle stuff work? Well, there are little metal pieces in the nail polish which are invisible for the naked eye. When you hold the magnet with the pattern above the freshly applied nail polish, the magnet pulls the metal pieces together, which recreates the pattern. The lighter parts on your nail are the places where the concentration of metal pieces is very high. How cool is a mixture of science and beauty?!

Enough blabbing, see the result for yourself and hurry, hurry to Ici Paris XL and get the nail polish and magnet for only 8 euros while it's still in stock!


  1. Die is wel erg leuk! Ook een heel mooi kleurtje! Wat heb jij een leuke blog! Ik ben je meteen gaan volgen met bloglovin! Hopelijk neem je ook eens een kijkje op mijn blog!

  2. Oeeeh, ziet er echt super cool uit! Moet ik hebben!!

  3. I'm a fan of magnetic nail polish, especially the Nails Inc. Wave Magnetic Nail Polish. It makes my nails look so cool.


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