Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday: Leopard coat

My body knows it and my voice certainly knows it: what a busy weekend it was! Even though it's Wednesday, I'm still recuperating from it. With the going away party of one of my dearest friends (sad face) and lots of preparations that needed to be done for the gift, I was and actually still am t to the ired. Seriously, if I were to be an Indian, my name would be Tired Eyes. Or Puffed Face. Or good ol' Yawn Head. However, I did manage to find the time to snap some pictures in my backyard, which is actually not really the backyard as it is the local cemetery. 

Okay, do you notice how I'm tired? Incoherent writing for the win. Or maybe it's just the general blah feeling when I think about my friend that's leaving in less than a week. Anyways, I do have some things to look forward to and that is in the first place my paycheck that'll arrive this week. I have been holding off on buying, well anything actually, because I was saving up to (finally) buy a new cell phone. Remember how my last one fell/dove/flied in the toilet? Well, I have deemed the time appropriate to get me a new one this week! YAY!

The whole saving up also meant not having anything new to wear for the last weeks and I have to be honest, it didn't kill me. I just threw on some 'old' stuff and mostly really loved the result. The main item of today's outfit is of course the fake fur coat, which I've had for a year now. I'm falling for it more and more every time I see it. It is very Cruella de Vil, and although I used to hate her guts growing up, I must say she's a very intriguing character to say the least. And the song always gets stuck in my mind whenever I wear the coat. Classic! But don't worry, my coat isn't made from little puppies.

Do you guys also rediscover your wardrobe when nothing new arrives? (Notice how I say 'arrive', as if my clothes arrive all on their own with a horse and carriage or something) I guess it's good from time to time, not in the very least for my bank account. 


Coat: Carrefour (oh yeah) - jegging, beanie, bracelet: H&M - blouse, boots: Primark - necklace: Forever 21 - bag, ring: New Look


  1. ongelofelijk: uit de carrefour? ZALIG!

    1. Jaaaa, ik ging vorig jaar kerstinkopen doen met mijn mama en daar was hij dan! Ik kon hem echt niet laten hangen :D


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