Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We Wear: Try Out-Fit with a slight shimmer

Looking back at these pictures, I think I better first had (a couple of shots of) coffee to make up for the bags under my eyes. Thank God I threw in some distraction in the form of the very obvious bow tie (digging up Halloween stuff does wonders for your wardrobe) and the coat with a slight shimmer. The coat was one of the treasures I found at SKM when I went to try out their new Try Out-Fit tool - see what I did there. The idea behind the tool is simple yet elegant. When you're short in time, or  not very proficient at putting together an outfit, or you're just really curious, you can use the tool on the SKM website. Just indicate your style, your favorite brands, what exactly you're looking for and of course your clothing sizes, think about a moment you can head down to SKM and make the appointment, all in a few mouse clicks. When you get to the store, you can very quickly try out a few outfits the stylists composed just for you. The result is taking home a gorgeous coat like exhibit A. I have to say I was really curious about whether they would hit my style just right, but I can say it was a perfect match! The complete outfit was made for me, from head to (very gorgeous) shoes. 

It was a really fun experience and I'm definitely heading back (soon!) to check out the winter collection at SKM. With the mix of all kinds of brands (Supertrash! Zoe Karssen!), it's impossible not to find anything to wear for the upcoming holidays. 

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