Saturday, December 17, 2016

We Wear: Floral dress, leopard coat

I'm wearing:
Beanie: H&M (lost two days later, why does this always happen)
Scarf, dress: Zara
Sweater: Paplou
Glitter chelsea boots: Ma&Lo via La Bottega
Socks: Veritas
Duffle Bag: New Look via Zalando

So you know what is exhausting? MOVING! Lorenz and I finally moved to Hasselt and it's great but it's safe to say it has been quite the hassle. You know what else is exhausting... Christmas related staff parties where you have too much cava to drink because you don't have to drive because you can walk home. Thanks colleagues for the massive hangover the day after. 

These pictures already date from a while back, when we weren't living in the city yet. I've had trouble styling this dress before but I now found a sweater-dress combination that I like. I'm also very much digging the clashing patterns with the leopard and the floral. Things don't always have to make sense, right? Sometimes you just like get up in the act and do 'em. 

It is no secret to nobody that I love glitter. I wear glitter on a daily basis and it is most definitely a basic in my book. These glitter chelsea boots are one of the perks of working at a shoe / concept store. I love them to death. Random anecdote: only yesterday I was trying on some mile high skinny jeans at the Levi's Store combined with these glitter chelsea boots and a random customer gave me a compliment I looked fabulous. THANK YOU STRANGER! 

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