Wednesday, November 23, 2016

We Wear: Mermaid in silver pleated skirt and glitter sneakers


I'm wearing:
Jean Jacket: Pretty Little Things
Mermaid Crew patch: Pull & Bear
Hello Kitty patch, glitter socks: Veritas
Rainbow and Pour it Up patch, gold shell purse: Skinny Dip London
Dolphin pin: TITI and THE GERMAN KID
Starfish and strawberry pin: gift
Flower body, glitter platform sneakers, dusted pink velvet choker: Asos
Silver pleated skirt: Millenium via La Bottega

These past few weeks have all been about playing dress-up so it seems. First there was Halloween and I extended that vibe with my witchy outfit, followed by a 40 year Punk music inspired outfit (which I also actually wore "in real life" to attend a show starring Equal Idiots and Double Veterans). And today I'm demonstrating the outfit I wore to a party themed "under the sea" hosted by Karolien's former Chiro.

It very quickly became clear I would - again - wear this silver pleated skirt and my glitter platform sneakers. I only was not sure what to wear on top. I wanted something with shells so I bought this light blue colored crop top with shiny pink shells I found on Etsy only to find out it really did not look all that great on my silver skirt. The fit was too boxy and the color not perfectly pastelly blue. It does look nice with shorts though. So instead I wore my flowery body from Asos which has only debuted once before on this blog namely in our header :'D

It didn't bother me that much that I wasn't able to wear my shelly (haha shelly) crop top because I pimped my jean jacket with the most awesome patch ever made. Totes in love! Karolien has the same patch (ok, she had it first) so we really are the start of a mermaid CRU. Or crew, crew will do.

And did I not say I would buy a lot more velvet chokers? Well I actually haven't, I bought this the same time I bought the black one. BUT GOOD THING I DID BECAUSE, DAMN, HOW GOOD DOES THAT LOOK.

You may not notice but I actually made an effort to do some mermaidy make-up! I got my hands on the Urban Decay Moondust eye shadow palette ànd the Vice lipstick palette (thank you sister in law) so I just smeared my face with glitter. That's how it feels when I apply make-up: I have zero experience. I did base my eyeshadow smearing on Annebeth's review of the palette because she conveniently had a "grungy mermaid" look. Now please also teach me how to actually apply these things :D

P.S.: Yes I combined a gold purse with a silver skirt. Mermaids can do that.
P.S.S.: Yes, I'm wearing my socks inside out. Mermaids can be stupid.

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