Sunday, November 6, 2016

We Wear: Harley Quinn is my alter ego

Those who know me or have been following us through the years know that Halloween for me is like the holy cradle of costume parties. I usually come up with a costume idea months in advance and they have been increasing in difficulty and effort with the years that passed. This year was no different in the sense that in August it was clear for me that I would be Harley Quinn for Halloween. Hell, I'm Harley Quinn in real life - attitude wise that is, I usually do wear pants when I go out. Because Harley and me seem to share the same fashion 'sense', it wasn't difficult nor required a lot of effort for me to dress up as her which was quite a relief. The hair? Been there, done that, rocking the blue/pink combo. Choker? Love it to death. Short shorts, yes puleaase! With what I have hanging in my closet, I could dress up as Harley for a week, each day changing outfits. Not even kidding.

I know, I know, you probably already saw a glimpse in our previous post. But well, my make-up was all smeared at that point and I look like a drunk retard (wasn't even drunk!). Guess I was channeling my inner Harley Quinn a little too much. Thanks Lies for posting those glorious pictures. 

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