Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

So this year was the first year I actually participated on Halloween. Ok no, I went to a Halloween movienight at Karolien's three years ago that required dressing up. But this year I composed my outfit weeks in advance and did two make-up tests before "the big day". Next time I'm also including liquid latex in my costume and I want to organise a party myself. This year we met up at Eline's and headed to a party afterwards where they served cocktails named "poison apple". 

Lorenz and I were random dead people (I really had fun with the make-up although my technique could use some polishing), Karolien and Michiel were Harley Quinn and the Joker, Eline was a pop-art comic book charactere (funniest costume ever if you ask me), Roeland was a Mexican wrestler, Kira a crazy cat that owned a human with the creepiest masks ever, Sofie transformed into Wednesday Adams, Tom was a mighty magician, Kim and Ellen were a Dias de los Muertos couple and Natalie did one hell of a job to be the cheshire cat. 

Did you guys do anything for Halloween?

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