Wednesday, May 13, 2015

We Wear: The wild west

This outfit dates back quite a while, but I've been lacking significantly in the the time department lately. Looking forward to Groezrock, followed by immediate Groez withdrawal symptoms, and a serious cold that's still hassling me, messed up my ever so neat work/life schedule. I am a planner and in doing so, I get a lot of shit done in a small time frame. But when I'm obliged to 'rest' (ugh, not my cup of tea) in order to feel fit again, everything - including myself - falls to pieces. A very long explanation to tell you I've been running late with outfit posts. However, I've got some different outfits awaiting impatiently on my laptop. Therefore, expect some random outfits throughout the next week(s). 

I was hungover in these pictures, but I think I/my sunglasses hide it pretty well. That's all I really have to share with you at this moment as I should be packing for a surprise birthday trip to Amsterdam. YAY! We leave tomorrow for a two-day trip, so if you have some must see's, must eat's, must do's, must shop's, do please share! 

Also, who's with me that every day should last at least double as long? 

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Amsterdam, y'all! 

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