Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Groezrock 2012

Last weekend, the moment we were enthusiastically waiting for was finally there: festival season kick-off with Groezrock festival in Meerhout, Belgium. But more importantly, also the very exciting kick-off of our blog! All day Saturday and Sunday we were on the lookout for people with a great style on the festival grounds. But sadly, the weather predictions were pretty negative when we left home: rainy, windy days were forecasted and everybody was advised to be prepared for some shitty weather. And although the weather ended up a whole lot better, the almost apocalyptic (or maybe that was just in our minds) weather predictions were still visible in people’s outfits. Loads of raincoats, rain boots, long jackets… Not so easy to express your own style when you think you’re gonna be spending the weekend in the mud and rain, all washed out. But hey, we succeeded and luckily, so did some other lovely people.

The first girl we spotted was Inge from Holland. She came to the festival for the amazing line-up and was accompanied by her friends: the Goth Busters. Indeed, as the name indicates: a group of guys in overalls imitating Ghost Busters, but with an obvious different target to bust than ghosts. Inge said she played the secretary of the guys and wow, what a fabulous secretary: a black and green dress, fake glasses and a great hairdo!

Who says rain boots can’t be integrated in your outfit? Have a look at Katy from the UK! She fell in love with the festival and we fell in love with the combination of her yellow vest and green rain boots.

Liv and Steph are two friends from the UK and they immediately caught our eye because of the similarity in their outfits. When we asked them for a picture, they giggled and said they looked horrible. Admit it, they are totally the opposite of horrible! Their outfits are also a good example of comfy, warm clothing on a not so sunny festival while still looking fabulous.

When strolling through the festival market with all the merchandising stands, we stumbled upon Claire. She was at the festival with Funtime Magazine and wore a very sexy cropped shirt from Big Deal Clothing. If you're really into the whole rock star look, have a look at their website.

As you may have noticed, we spotted some great looking girls, but none were Belgian... Of course, this is impossible, there have to be girls or boys who looked great and were on Groezrock grounds this past weekend. So if you were there or you know somebody who was there looking like they could walk around at Coachella festival, send us a picture at

Must-have-item on Groezrock this weekend: Rain boots!

To give you a feel of the general atmosphere of Groezrock, take a look at these pictures.

And this is us, after two exhausting days of rocking our asses off.


  1. Never went to Groezrock before, looks like loads of fun. Awesome festival outfits! Rock chick cool.

    X, Sarah

  2. I can assure you, it IS loads of fun! You should really come next year ;)
    And thank you very much!


Thank you!


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