Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What We Wear Wednesday

Today I'd like to tell you about a little something we will initiate today and what will (hopefully, if time is on our hands) be a weekly feature on this blog: the What We Wear Wednesdays. What is What We Wear Wednesday, or rather what will it be in the future? Well, we decided to write each week (see what I did there) about what outfits we like to wear and of course, illustrate this with some pictures. That simple, no need for some intellectual titles or names where people have no idea what you're talking about.

Up today is the outfit I wore on my birthday party last week with as the main oh-you-take-my-breath-away-if-I-have-the-honour-to-wear-you item: my new pink maxi skirt with raised front. And luckily for me, the taking my breath away part was not literally the case. Au contraire, the skirt was quite comfortable! I wasn't sure about it at the beginning of the evening, but boy, I had fallen in love with it by the time the night fell and the cocktails went straight to my head! Of course, not everybody was convinced about it: I heard that I looked like an oriental floozie... But whatevs, because few moments later a friend told me I reminded her about a mermaid with my pink skirt and my blue hair. Total WIN! Oh, and our outfits actually matched together: both pastel and quite mermaid-y.

The skirt: River Island (


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