Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring Style Saver

The month of May: spring in super drive, temperatures rising, flowers, rays of sunshine, the first tanning of your skin, summer freckles which start to settle on your face.  Your outfit: short shorts, bright colors, sunglasses, dashing dresses, peep toe shoes… Springtime and maybe even summer have finally arrived!

But no. Not here. Not now. At least not when you live in Belgium. Too cold to wear your stocked weeks in advance spring outfits, and too hot for your worn down winter clothes. So what to do when the temperature seems to remain lower than during the last ice age, when the sun hides like a little kid playing hide-and-seek, when your spring outfits are wasting away in your overflowing closet? One problem, one solution: a fabulous blazer in a spring approved color! It’s THE basic of the moment and available in practically every color you can think of!

Combine your blazer with a simple jeans or a skirt, et voilĂ , instant okay-it’s-not-really-hot-yet-but-spring-is-in-town”-feeling! First the outfit, and then the weather will definitely follow our lead.

And I’m not the only one desperately trying to get some summerish feelings in my outfit by wearing a colored blazer. Some of my friends and my sister were thinking exactly the same thing this past weekend! Great minds think alike, right?

From left to right: my sister Annelies, me, Lisa & Paulien a.k.a the Blazer Babes ;)

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