Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Party leftovers

After a great party and with the accompanying hangover, I went outside to snap a few quick pictures. I didn't expect a lot of it (read: tired, hungover, messed up hair), but boy oh boy, was I delightfully surprised when glimpsing at the pictures!

First, my new glasses (yay!) hide my tired/never-drinking-again face pretty well. Second, I borrowed the coat from my mom and was extremely happy to finally wear something else as I've grown pretty sick and tired of my own winter coats. King Winter, I loved you and I went out of the roof with the first snow, but I'm done now. BYEBYE! The colour of the coat is something I would never pick out for myself, mostly because my stomach turns at any beige-like colours (yeah, I know, it's not real beige, but it reminded me of beige and that 'll do the trick). Always takes me back to Carry telling Big to go lay in his beige bed. Good times. Third, my leftover curls from the previous night withstood my everlasting restless sleeping pretty well and may even look better than they did the day before (oh, the irony). Fourth, I'm wearing my new beanie and I think it is a great transition from winter to spring. Warm, but such a spring like and vibrant colour! I was actually on the lookout to buy a neon yellow beanie, but couldn't seem to get my hands on one. And of course, now I have already spotted it on the charming heads of multiple bloggers out there (here and here). I gave up too soon. Fifth, I am also wearing some new booties which I've been puzzled about for approximately all winter. 'Ooh, they're leopard! But I already have so much leopard, not to speak of the number of shoes I own. But... they're leopard!' However, I caved after spotting them on a double 50% discount online, going away for only 8 euros AFTER the sales ended. A girl can only be so strong.

Beanie, necklace, blouse, shirt: H&M - Glasses: Ray-Ban - Coat: my mom's - Purse: my grandmom's - Pants: Primark - Booties: Forever 21

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