Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Forest runaway

 Bear hat, beetle ring, ankle booties: H&M - Leather jacket (old), scarf: Zara  - Denim shirt, skinny jeans, purse: New Look - Shirt clip and bird pin: Gifts

So, you guys must have noticed that it has been snowing in ALL of my pictures since I proclaimed the famous 'last snow'. I'm afraid I might have cursed the weather, so MY APOLOGIES! I'll try and undo it as soon as I can.

I wore this outfit for a night out last week (and for work, but with other shoes and some polkadot socks, yes) except for the bear hat. It's not my fault the weather is even more indecisive as me, and suddenly started snowing again. Long time since I've worn these ankle booties but I might add that I learned to walk pretty well in them. I had to cross half the city of Hasselt wearing these beauties last weekend, because my search for a parking spot within a reasonable walking distance of my place to be miserably failed. But look at me all surviving and all!

Both the shirt clip as the bird pin are gifts from the amazing girl that is Eline. I love how the bird pin gives a quirky touch to the outfit while the shirt clip on the other hand kind of toughens the whole thing up. I called this outfit 'Forest runaway' because I'm also wearing a beetle ring and in my head the bird and the beetle got stuck on me while I was escaping some enchanted forest. The bear hat actually fits in that story too, he's my totem. I may or may not suffer from some kind of degree of escapism.

Overall I'm very happy with this outfit. I first grabbed my black skinnies to go with this when my eye fell on my burgundy ones. Really, they are as versatile as any black pants but give that extra hue of color right then when you need it the most. It also adds to the forest vibe.

If anyone else wants to share their escapism stories with us, please do!

(Sorry for the weird faces/ poses, I was FREEZING!)

I have no idea why that zipper is halfway up


  1. Beestige accessoires! ;)
    Naomi, x


Thank you!


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