Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Sleep in the snow

This post is going to give everyone from at least Belgium a massive culture shock, including me. Since it feels like spring has finally arrived and we've had that blissful feeling of sunshine on our faces, an outfit post in a snowy landscape feels weird. Nevertheless, I convinced myself to publish it anyway with two arguments. First, I like the pictures and I hadn't had an opportunity to shoot some pictures in a snowy landscape. Second, we're still in Belgium, so who's to say the weather might not turn around again and in a week we'll be back to layers, layers, layers.

You might remember me searching for the perfect sweater and I'm happy to announce that this search has finally come to an end. I have to say I kind of gave up, because nothing I found was deemed appropriate. That was until I browsed the Romwe website and encountered the tiger sweater I'm wearing here. It has a galaxy print! It has pastel colours! I has leopard! Luckily, I could order it with a major discount. A little hint on the side: always check Google for discounts when you're about to order something. With Romwe, it said on the website there was a 50% discount code, but that code was nowhere to be found on the site. A quick stroll through Google and websites like (for Belgian readers) solved that issue quite fast!
These pictures resemble the previous WWWW post from Lies, but unfortunately my coat and I didn't scare a single animal, not even a sheep.
Tonight we're going to see Yellowcard perform (hence the title, which is a great song from their new album). CANNOTWAIT.
Sweater: Romwe - Shorts: old denim cut-off - Booties: Sacha - Leopard coat: Carrefour - Blouse, necklace: H&M 


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