Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Feels like fall

This is what I wore to attend multiple family gatherings on Easter day. Not really what I intended to wear (a lovely crisp dress was laid out, but I shall not nag about the weather), but at least I've got my hair already in a springish mood. I went to the hair dresser to add some more blonde in my hair and here's the result. I'm pretty happy with it, although I'm already contemplating about turning it MORE blonde. But for now and if I re-dye the pink tips, it is a-okay!

At this moment I'm preparing myself (both mentally as physically) to go on a holiday to the US and Canada. Especially the whole 'flying-on-my-own-for-a-gazillion-hours' scares the shit out of me. Okay, not the shit, just a tiny shitty thingie. Anyway, I won't leave anything to chance and am preparing myself by reading, thinking about packing, checking websites... And I have to say that the nervous tickles in my stomach are finally making room for some butterflies of excitement. OHMYGOD, I'm going to the US! And to top that, also Canada! I will visit my friend Mary Ann and her boyfriend in Vancouver and will travel with them to LA and Palm Springs. Afterwards, I'll go to Seattle to attend a work-related conference. I'm looking forward to everything! And I can't wait to finally share some giggles with Mary.

More on topic of this outfit post, I obviously love it, otherwise I wouldn't wear it. The end. 

PS: Because my lovely sister was joking about getting credit for taking my pictures, here you go Liefel!

Coat: my mom's - Beanie: H&M - Necklace, dress: Primark - Shoes: Sister (Hasselt)



  1. Ha, ook ik heb Pasen doorgebracht in de jas van mijn moeder!
    Fijne outfit!

    1. Bedankt! Ja dat komt door die ellenlange winter, ik ben al mijn kleren en vooral jassen ZO beu. Thank god for mommy's closet :)


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