Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Quiz me quick

Sunglasses: ModCloth - Checked blazer, loafers: H&M - Top: Vero Moda - Necklace: Carrefour - Skinny jeans, bow ring: New Look - Purse: thrifted

I wore this outfit to attend a quiz last Friday, hence the non-inspirational title of this blogpost. We ended up sixteenth out of fifty, so not that bad! Although I can't take credit for that. I really don't know by heart which is the sixth planet from the sun, or what the abbreviation EGKS stands for. I DID know who are the main two characters from the well-known trilogy "Fifty shades of Grey" while nobody else knew that (I mean, really?), and that was worth two points, hallelujah!

To the ones actually paying attention: yes I'm wearing the same loafers as I posted as inspiration in my previous post. They were too pretty not to take home, but they do hurt my feet like hell as they are rather stiff. The pricetag was also a bit higher than expected. I didn't really pay attention, I figured they would be 10 euros like most shoes at H&M, but then at the register I had to pay a lot more then I calculated in my head. Apparently these shoes cost almost 20 euros. Oops.

The blazer is actually a winter item and it gives me an English feel. I like the way it turned out combined with my flamingo top and burgundy pants. I can't stress it enough that burgundy pants are a must-have for everyone. It works well with EVERYTHING! My forest green thrifted purse also adds to the English feel. That really was a bargain, I should go thrift shopping more!

This is (or feels like) a rather classy, grown-up outfit, but I'm sure the flamingos, necklace, bow ring and pink nail polish make the whole thing a lot less boring and more "me". I'm sure people will still gasp when I say I'm actually 25. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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  1. Echt een leuke outfit en die eerste foto is zalig!
    Naomi, x


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