Monday, April 15, 2013

INSPIRATION: Jaime King aka Lemon Breeland

The word "inspiration" might not catch the whole thing that is going on here, as I'm heavily girl crushing on Jaime King. Not too heavy though, I'm still very much into boys.

Now how did this all happen? I started watching Hart of Dixie a few weeks ago. A new show about Zoë Hart (Rachel Bilson, known from The OC), a New York city girl trained to be a hart surgeon, ending up in a Southern little village called Bluebell to be a general practitioner. She doesn't fit in, thinks everyone living there voluntarily must be crazy in the coconut and starts flirting with Golden Boy George, who obviously flirts back. This happens to be the boyfriend-for-already-fifteen-years of Southern belle Lemon Breeland (my dear Jaime King). Lemon does everything in her power to get rid of Zoë which, of course, doesn't work. (This is a brief summary of the show, there is more to it than only this. Go check it out!)

At first you don't like Lemon (apart from her name which is amazing). She's spoiled, annoying and extremely neurotic. She really gets on your nerves and you wonder why on earth George still puts up with her. You just want him to ditch her and move on with Zoë allright. But then you get to know her. Her mother left them, she takes care of her little sister Magnolia (midst puberty) where her father fails to do so and actually completely replaces her mother in household chores and everything. You also start noticing her clothes and hair and that they always look impeccable.

And then suddenly it happens. You love Lemon and totally want to be her. Or at least that's how it went for me. I'm easily lured into these kind of things though.

Now for the clothes. Lemon is always dressed up in cute, vintage dresses and preppy cardigans. Her hair slightly curled, preferably with a flower on the side. When she's not dressed up, she reaches for pastel skinnies, slightly oversized jumpers and ballet flats. My kind of girl!

Now behold the beauty that is Lemon Breeland:

I tried to style some Lemon based outfits myself, let me know what you think!

Inspiration: Lemon Breeland

Inspiration: Lemon Breeland 2

Inspiration: Lemon Breeland 3


  1. Leuke inspiratiestukken, ik zou me zo hard kunnen vinden in Lemon's garderobe <3!
    Naomi, x

    1. Thanks! Ik vind haar garderobe echt TOP! Dat citrushemdje is TO DIE FOR! En grappig want ze heeft citroenen op haar hemdje en ze heet Lemon.

  2. i agreewith you totally about Lemon B, i too have tried to base my look on her style love the combos youve chosen some more would be great. ive for the jair and makeup down but still working on the casual outdits. congrats


Thank you!


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