Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Vancouver tales

Your eyes and mind are not fooling you, Vancouver tales are what I will share with you today. Last week I left cold, rainy Belgium for the less cold and less rainy, already springish even Vancouver in British Columbia (Canada) to visit my friend who lives there for a year. I've spent two complete days in this very diverse and interesting city, hanging out with my friend and enjoying these new surroundings.  

The Vancouver tales come down to a few happy highlights that I will share with you guys, mostly because I don't have that much time to tell you elaborate stories. You know, I do have fun memories to create here, considering I'm still/again in Vancouver (I'll explain in a minute). So, highlights it is! Walking in Stanley Park with its enormous trees and the sea wall contour around it. Strolling around the city and Chinatown, eating great sushi and enjoying the atmosphere of the city. Discovering a store called Blim which made me cry because of all the pretty things, like shirts with paint drips on it and more (will do a DIY soon). Hiking up a huge ass mountain (crazy shit) named the Chief Mountain and almost dying. Eating the best veggie burger of all time at Whitespot in Richmond. Seeing cherry blossoms (haven't seen them in Belgium yet this year, so that was a pretty big deal). Having a cocktail in a rotating bar (Cloud 9) up in the sky. Man, it has been great so far!

I wore this casual outfit to stroll around Vancouver on my first day. Walking of course means comfortable shoes, and these booties are comfyyyy. I am so happy that I eventually decided to purchase them, good job Karolien! And the bag is so worn down, but I still love it to bits, so leave me with my messy bag. 

I actually just returned to Vancouver, as we've spent the last 6 days in the great sunny Los Angeles. But that's a completely different tale which I will keep for a next time! Tomorrow it's time to hit ferry city Seattle for a few days, so bubaaai.

Beanie, leopard shirt, bag, necklace: H&M - Sweater: Primark - Booties: Forever 21 - Shorts: DIY - Denim jacket: New Look

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