Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: The Leather Jacket

A slightly different approach on our weekly concept today. Instead of showing an outfit, I'm going to highlight one of my favorite jackets ever. As in e-ver. Namely my hooded leather jacket from Zara. I bought it during summer 2008 and thought it was really cool because back then, you didn't see many leather jackets with a hood. Although afterwards they popped up in H&M as well, but the damage to my wallet had already been done.

So why do I want to write something about it? Well, Karolien left us for America on Sunday (hi, babe!) and that event got me strolling through my own New York pictures. Reminiscing and all. And I spotted me wearing that very same leather jacket as I've been sporting in my last few outfits. We're 2013 now, so that means I've been wearing that jacket for five years now. In my world, that's a pretty long time! It is a bit worn down and the color is turning green in some places, but I don't mind. I l-o-v-e it! It's living proof that a good basic item can go on for years.

So please join me on my journey through the world and party with me:


Damn, my hair was so curly back then!


NY subway!
On the Brooklyn Bridge!
On Times Square!

Visiting my brother in Japan
There's supposed to be a view in the picture above, but it was too foggy. I remember it also ruining my hair.

See, and that's why I love that hood. It was raining but that didn't bother me!
Oh and it's detachable, another asset.




It was snowing like crazy in the picture above, but still we went to this party in Genk. The guy next to me had to push my car back out of the snow. Good times! And I had an undercut back then, not something I miss actually, although I really liked it back then.

These pictures also remind me of the fact that I used to take a LOT more pictures. I need a new compact camera, it's my second memory. No actually it's my only memory because I forget things all of the time.

Hope you enjoyed this!


  1. Jaaa; das echt; pictures everywhere toen! Moeten we echt terug meer doen!
    Love the jacket!

    1. Voila, cameraake besteld op Coolblue!
      Da's vergif zeg ik u, voor 22u bestellen en de dag erna in huis. Speciaal om impulsmensen als mij te pesten. Maar ik verdien het want ik ben een hamster.

  2. Leuke foto's, ziet er echt een goed vestje uit! ;)
    Supercool met die kap btw.
    Naomi, x

    1. Dankjewel! Sowieso het beste jasje everrrr :)


Thank you!


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