Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What We Wear Wednesday: Birthday blossoms

 Already more than a week ago, it was my birthday (or actually more birthweek) and although I'm not one to be quite happy to be aging, I'm always in for a party/celebration! I was more than thrilled that the sun was showing her lovely face on my birthday and was determined to snap pictures surrounded by blossoms. Only problem there was that I was quite picky concerning this specific blossomy background of the pictures. First of all, I wanted pink blossoms, preferably magnolias. Secondly, I wanted to practically drown in the blossoms and not just stand awkwardly in front of just one tree. Not an easy assignment, I tell ya.

In the end, I gave up on my pink idea of perfection (although I was just so damn sure it would look great with my powder pink dress) and settled for white blossoms. And I have to admit, it looks pretty damn good as well! This reminds me that I sometimes have to let go of some weird, absurd idea of perfection that starts to root in my head and instead just be happy with what I do have. I'm saying absurd idea of perfection, because most things that pop up in my head as significant or as meaningful probably don't mean a whole lot for other people. And that works the other way around as well (for instance, I couldn't care less if my home isn't perfectly clean, as long as it feels like my home).

A pretty mainstream dress (although very short, but blame the designers who do not seem to think about tall people when putting together those very tiny dresses) spiced up with some interesting details: sometimes that's all you need.

Dress, purse: Primark - Brogues: New Look - Jacket, hat, necklace: H&M - Socks: random - Sunglasses: Ebay


  1. Zo'n mooie tas! Geslaagde foto's ;)
    Naomi, x

  2. Thanks! Ze begint spijtig genoeg wel te verslijten :(


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