Saturday, May 4, 2013

KPM CUP 2013: Must-sees!

We've said it before and we'll say it again: boys in Vans on skateboards, good music and a beer is pretty much enough to tickle our fancy. Throw in some graffiti artists and a cool market and we're completely sold. All of that and a lot more will be going on next Thursday at the Kapermolen park in Hasselt, during the annual KPM CUP. There really is no excuse for not going, it's a day off for (almost) everybody so come and say "Hi" to us!

This year the market will be bigger than last year. Bigger! Better! More! The focus will be on streetwear, design, merchandise, music and outlet.  So for those of you who have trouble deciding (I can relate), we put together our favorites for this year:


We see deer, rabbits, foxes and other cute little prints on totebags, china, pillows and so much more. The fact that they are handmade, often silk screened, only adds to the appeal! And despite the fact it's all handmade, it's not all that pricey: the china varies from 3 to 4,5 euros, totebags around 5 euros and the pillows for about 8 euros. Go take a look yourself and be enchanted! Maybe you can find some nice Mother's Day present?


I (Lies) must say I'm biased for choosing this because they are graphic design students from my old school. I feel really old myself when I say 'my old school'. But nonetheless, they make pretty totebags and notepads. We all need them, you know I'm right. And by buying those pretty things you also support their trip to Copenhagen. So show your love (and preferably your money) and let them have a Scandinavian blast!


Kristien Follon aka Titi doesn't need an introduction anymore. She recently started her very own showroom in the centre of Hasselt (GO Limburg!), and she keeps on surprising and amazing everybody with her young, edgy and daring designs. We can only have much respect and appreciation for that (the fact that we drank some free beers at her showroom has nothing to do with this. NOTHING!). If you're not familiar with her work, go pay a visit! If you do already know her, go check it out anyway and have a chat because she's also a good laugh!


"Back to basics! From classy to trashy!" That's how they describe their tees. We see funky prints and a pink gameboy tshirt called "Gameho", the boy version is called "Gamebro". We think that's funny, that's why they deserve a spot in our fav's list! The "Dead kitty's galaxy" kind of creeps us out though. But they say it's "hip as fuck". We'll take their word for it!


"Quality low life apparel." Sounds peculiar. They don't give many more hints at their tumblr page, only a collage of cool photos of even more peculiar objects/ clothing (is that a golden lunch bag? YES PLEASE!). Our curiousity has been triggered, so we'll definitely check them out on Thursday and we recommend you do the same!


"I think I might be a typical case of the Peter Pan syndrome." Living his life like everyday could be his last, we all could learn from that. As a graphic designer he started making designs for tshirts as a little side project, which he sold while touring with his HC band. The little side project grew up and became a full-grown and succesfull brand. A brand that started out on feelings of nostalgia and tries to spread a positive and constructive message. We like brands with a story to tell, so therefore go and say HI to these fellas! Like they used to say at HC-shows: support your local scene! Karolien is already drooling over the skull tshirt while I crave that bodysuit (how cool would it be for festivals combined with some shorts!).


The name says it all: GIRLPOWER! I'm sorry if that sounds very Spice Girly, but it's nice to see some chickies rocking the clothing business (together with TITI, yeah!). All we can do is cheer for more and be all excited. SO HERE'S THE CAPS LOCK TO DESCRIBE ALL OF OUR EXCITEMENT! We really like the GUNS AND CHICKS tanktop. Totally badass, like us.

It wasn't easy to make this list as there are A LOT of participants. For a full list, go check out the website of KPM Cup, you won't be disappointed!

Did we manage to trigger your curiosity, as most of the participants triggered ours? We sure hope so! Let us know in the comment section below and if you plan on hopping by on Thursday, don't be a stranger! We are damn sure it will be a blast.


  1. Wat een leuke merken! Spijtig dat Hasselt zo ver is :p
    Naomi, x

    1. Oh jammer! Hoewel in Belgiƫ alle afstand relatief is ;)


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