Thursday, July 24, 2014

We Wear: Rock Herk

Aah, summer, the preeminent festival season, consisting of days filled with listening to great tunes and seeing awesome performances. Considering the weather was ultimately smashing last weekend, I decided to go to Rock Herk for the day. I saw some great shows (Thrash Talk, More Than a Thousand, Double Veterans...), mostly of bands I didn't know before. I guess that's what smaller festivals are all about! 

Crop top: Sting - Denim shorts: New Look - Boots: Sacha - Choker: Claire's - Leather backpack: Morocco 

 [No beer for me, thanks]

Of course I also wore clothes, although not too much as I spent the entire day in the blistering heat with a major headache as a consequence (and no, the beer did not have anything to do with it). Actually, I wore the exact same outfit - minus the shoes - on Rock Werchter as well. Why change a winning team must have been what was twirling through my mind. Or maybe when it gets very hot, I just cannot think about my outfit anymore. Just as likely. Key words for my outfits when attending a festival: Crop tops and denim shorts. 

Are you guys attending some festivals this summer? And what is your winning combo to wear? 

PS1: I hate posing for pictures in a crowd full of people. DEAR LORD!

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More Than a Thousand
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A holiday! Preferably at a white beach.


Thank you!


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