Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We Wear: Frozen in summer

I know, I know, I've been absent these past weeks. In my defense, I have pretty good reason as I was in the midst of finishing (really finishing) my PhD dissertation. As the final version has just been printed and everything is handled, I finally have a little more time on my hands! My doctoral defense will only be in September, so yay for summer! Also, I have been accepted to do a postdoc research year, so my groovin' researchin' days are far from over at this moment. 

Top, shorts, necklace: Primark - Plastic basket-bag: H&M - Sandals: Sister (Hasselt) - Sunglasses: Six

Now that you guys are updated on my life events and heard excuses for leaving you hanging dry, we can talk outfit. These pictures were obvious not taken this week (rain rain rain), but back when the weather was still gorgeous, hot and sultry. Let's be honest, on days like that, one does not need more than some denim cut-offs and an easy breezy top. And this top is especially breezy as it has this open back thing going on (forgot to capture that on photo though), which is also why I opted to wear a lace black bralette underneath. I actually bought the top and the shorts as a combination together in one and the same store; something I never do. But for a match made in heaven, I'm glad to make an exception. Secretly, I also bought the necklace at the very same instance. 

PS 1: The shorts are actually a whole lot more vibrant and neon, but the sun made it hard to capture it just right. 

PS 2: I recently saw the movie "Frozen" (I know, old news), and it is an absolute recommendation (I know, even older news). The soundtrack pretty much describes the feeling you get after finishing four years of work: 

 Currently listening to:
Let it go, let it go, here I'll stand and here I'll stay!
Currently craving for (fashion wise or other):
White, high-heeled sandals. I want to be real lady these days.


  1. Zalig dat die tassen weer in zijn! Ik heb er nog eentje in het roos van toen ik 6 was!

  2. Oooh, die top. Liefde op't eerste gezicht alhier :-).


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