Saturday, June 28, 2014

We Attended: O'Neill SS15 Exclusive Event

Three weeks ago already we were invited to attend the O'Neill SS15 collection preview at Haarlem city, Amsterdam by the lovely ladies from Media Mania PR. Alas Karolien couldn't join me so I dragged my boyfriend along and we made a little city trip out of it. Which I will also report on, soon, in between work, napping and a social life. The event took place in an old sugar factory which immediately explained the R&B vibe the location's name carried: Sugar City. Old buildings or factories with high ceilings and original ornaments are always a good choice of place for an event, because it already breathes a certain magical atmosphere. And I am very fond of magical atmospheres, it makes things harder to forget. I basically know O'Neill as a surf brand and surf vibes is what we got when we entered Sugar City. And I don't only mean by the collection as portrayed, but also by the people roaming the place. I saw a lot of blonde surfer dudes and babes and reminisced about that one time I went surfing and being really bad at it. Whilst sipping some white wine and munching on shrimp satays we made our way through the world of O'Neill. I have to admit that the collection didn't strike me as overwhelmingly new or different. I spotted a lot of floral and palm tree prints, which I absolutely liked but have seen before. The swim wear did promise to be "more hyperdry than ever before", guaranteed by the O'Neill design team. Besides on the collection, the event seemed to focus on feel-good and happy vibes which they achieved by the performance of a live (ska) band, getting people tipsy with Donn beer, stuffing our faces with delicious satays and tempting our inner rebels with some good old flavoured bongs. It's not a myth, surfers are all about kindness and feel-good! And we did feel good! So thank you again Media Mania PR and O'Neill for this wonderful opportunity! Now enjoy some snapshots!


  1. Oh zag er leuk uit! Zeker die barbier zal voor je boyfriend wel tof geweest zijn! ;)

  2. Wat een heleboel leuke foto's. Zag er een cool event uit!


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