Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We wear: Cropped top

So where do we stand on crop tops? And by 'we' I mean you, our dearest readers, as I believe my opinion is pretty obvious. I absolutely love them and think my summer wardrobe should have MORE CROP TOPS. It's kind of becoming my mantra these days. I feel like they spice up every single outfit and just get me floating on a summer breeze by just thinking about wearing them. However, seemingly not everybody is as fond of them as I am. I mean, yes, a crop top can possibly show off a lot of skin that is under normal circumstances hidden. Notice the keyword being 'possibly', as in 'not necessarily' as yours truly exhibits in these pictures. I think it's rather subtle, no? And even if girls decide to wear them in a way where their belly button is showing, I can only applaud that they have built up enough confidence and have the guts (or lack thereof) to wear them that way. I do not however, so I'll stick with offering the world just a glance at my diaphragm. 

Denim jacket: Primark - Pleather skirt: Boohoo - Crop top, shoes: H&M - Necklace: Claire's 



Excuse me for the slight rant, I have been reading up on some articles about girl's body shaming and it infuriated me deeply. In addition, I've been writing and writing my PhD dissertation (due date is this month, hmpff) and I kind of feel my head is clouded and I'm overthinking  EVERYTHING. 

PS: Told you so that this denim jacket would make a reappearance on the blog soon. 

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  1. Aaaaah, dat jasje! Ik ben echt al ZOlang op zoek naar het perfecte jeansjasje... Hopelijk vind ik het deze zomer ;-).


Thank you!


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