Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We Wear: Boyfriend Jeans

Shirt: borrowed / stolen - Leggings, sneakers: H&M - Headband: Dress-up shop - Bow ring: New Look

I'm still not quite over Groezrock and the whole awesomeness it represents. So when Sofie invited me to a concert where her boyfriend (The Hourglass Instinct) also needed to play, I knew up front it would be the perfect excuse to wear my beloved dress-up shop headband again. Listening to music whilst sipping beer and nodding my head just feels better this way.

I paired my red headband with my red bow ring. I also own this ring in white and I tend to wear that one a lot more often. So time for a change it was.

An oversized shirt in the perfect shade of light blue, some leggings and leopard sneakers later my outfit was ready. I'm in love with these leopurdy Vans-like H&M sneakers by the way! I buy a pair of these sort of sneakers every year at H&M but these are bound to be my favorite pair. How would they not, they're leopurrrdy.

I think there is nothing more soothing than listening to a concert / show whilst sipping beer, enjoying some awesome company, have some laughs and watching people (because there always is people watching involved). But I won't go all mellow on you guys.

Yes, I giggle at my camera as if there is an actual person behind it.


Thank you!


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